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    Full All-Grain Brewing Setup (Grainfather)

    Hi all, time has come to sell my all-grain Grainfather setup. If you’re interested in a complete package please have a look at the listing here (location: Brisbane)...
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    Is this Normal? John Guest Fittings

    I ended up replacing it with a spare barbed connection. Thanks again for the great advice, the pencil sharpener is a stroke of genius. The JG fittings work well for all of the other connections, including the check valve on the Gas In - so I'm going to chalk it up to either a damaged O ring...
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    Is this Normal? John Guest Fittings

    Cheers guys, will give that a go.
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    Is this Normal? John Guest Fittings

    Hi all, apologies if this is covering old ground. I've just switched to Kegging and am loving it, I'm blown away with how much simpler packaging day is. Everything is hooked up and pressurised with no leaks. The CO2 line attaches to the keg via a John Guest fitting on the Gas In QD. All is...
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    2l Altenmunster Swingtop 'growlers' @ 1st Choice

    Just picked one up in Ashfield, Syd. Will be perfect for catching the keg overflow. Bit bigger than i thought it would be, just need to do a sneaky rearrangement of the fridge shelves so it fits.
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    Cold Conditioning/bottling/bulk Priming Questions..

    Some good responses here, hope you don't mind if I ask a follow up question. Given that the beer is being bottled at 4-5C, is it correct to assume that there will be more residual CO2 already dissolved? And as a result, will it require less priming solution to reach your desired CO2 volume?
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    Centennial, Cascade & Amarillo - Would You Bother...

    :icon_offtopic: Couldn't agree more with the Mack 'n' Jack. Any chance you could post the recipe? I've been struggling to find anything similar here since we came back from the states.
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    Ahb Merch: Simple Really 2012

    Thank you Sir :icon_cheers:
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    Ahb Merch: Simple Really 2012

    Apron is a top idea, I'd like to order a Black AP03 Bib Apron.
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    22 Kg Co2 Cannister

    I had a similar question about a month ago. The guys at the LHBS suggested that those bottle sizes aren't sold for personal use anymore, and likely wouldn't be filled by any licensed supplier. The service date stamp on the bottle might give some indication about when it was last properly...
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    What's Your Favourite Stout?

    +1 on the BCS Oatmeal Stout recipe. I reckon you've got it right with the extra choc and roast. I recently put mine in for tasting and received feedback indicating those flavours were on the low side.
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    First Urn Biab - Great Experience

    Hi guys, sorry about the zombie thread. Previously I posted about insulating my urn with aluminium foil. Do not do this. Aluminium and stainless steel have the potential to create a galvanic reaction that may corrode the stainless. Link: Galvanic Reaction I am happy to report that there has...
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    Co2 Cylinder - Rental Or Not

    Thanks DU, I'm in Sydney so this might not be an option after all. Will see how I go with the KK deal.
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    Co2 Cylinder - Rental Or Not

    I'm sold, throw in a check valve and you'll be laughing. I'll call them tomorrow before the boss realises their staff are almost giving this stuff away. Cheers
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    Co2 Cylinder - Rental Or Not

    You sure this is for the 6kg? Price list on the keg king website says this is for the 2.6kg. Otherwise I will be giving them a call tomorrow. Does anyone know if there a link to the supagas CO2 sales? I have found their standard flyer and it looks like their minimum is 10kg. Is the 6kg a...
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    A Question For All Biabers Using Urns

    I use a 40L crown and am by no means an expert, but as I understand it there are two issues with heating the urn with the bag immersed:1. The heat comes from the bottom of the urn and without constant stirring it's possible to get uneven heat distribution. 2. The element can be significantly...
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    Beer Labels And Logos

    Nice one, the badge down the bottom is a nice touch. I reckon anyone who served would be proud to toast with one of those.
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    Little Creatures Quiet American

    Amazingly similar indeed. Good work :)
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    Little Creatures Quiet American

    This better not be a reference to your cupboard supply...