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    Bulkpriming When Cold

    Sorry slugger, just an additional thought. At 21l 160g is probably on the high side for a porter. Unless your mate likes 'em bubbly, maybe back that off to 120g. Some would say that's still a bit high for the style, but most new brewers I find prefer them a little more heavily carbonated than...
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    Bulkpriming When Cold

    Personally I prefer to warm brews to around 20C before bottling. I am yet to get reliable information regarding the volume of dissolved CO2 in a cool brew. Some say it is dependent on the ferment temp, some the temp at bottling. I presume it fermented higher than 5C if it's a Porter. If possible...
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    Weihenstephaner Kristall

    I think I know how you feel. I never liked wheats much until I tried a few of the Dunkelweizens and got the hankering to brewing my own. My suggestion is to base it around Wyeast 3068, 50-70% wheat malt and play to your heart's content. 3068 is a spectacular yeast with loads of character while...
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    Thames Welsh Bitter Ale

    5% Crystal with 95% Pale malt is a classic combination. Stepping up the bitterness into the 40's makes them very refreshing. I did the Anchor Steam from Clone Brews with slight variation. 95% Pale Malt, 4% Standard Crystal, 1% Dark Crystal. Bittered to 45 IBU with Northern Brewer, 15g NB @ 15m...
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    How Much Have You Brewed This Year

    Went over 1000l first the first time this year. Discovering grain was a bit of a trap. I keep telling myself that it was a catch up year, and now the brewery is at capacity I won't need to brew so much. As if... :beerbang:
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    Serria Nevada Pale Ale Clone

    How long has SNPA been available at the Wheatsheaf?????? I haven't been there for toooooo long.
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    Serving Coopers Pale Ale With Or Without Sediment

    I don't think I've ever had a crystal clear Coopers from the tap, and I've sure had some so cloudy I've had to ask for a spoon. From the bottle it depends on mood and circumstance. Generally I prefer not to tilt or roll, especially with a Dark Ale. Pale and Sparkling taste different clear vs...
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    Hot Ferment

    27C doesn't present any problems as far as yeast survival is concerned. They will survive happily beyond the mid-30'sC. The warmer ferment temps start to introduce some funky flavours- fruitiness mainly depending on the yeast. The fact that you got the temp back down reasonably quickly should...
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    Bulk Buy Hops (qld)

    Northern hemisphere harvest is usually September. We get those stocks around Jan/Feb, hence the currently availability of Amarillo around that time.
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    Melbourne Cup Day Brew?

    I just did an ultra simple pale ale... Joe White Malt, bittered with POR and flavoured with Cascade and a recultured Coopers yeast. I was going to call it "Diva Ale", but it's hardly worthy. Amazing horse. Great ride. No winner backed. :(
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    Not Very Clear Beer

    jimmyjack, Some discussion on cloudy beer on this recent thread... Cloudy Wort Thread Always a good idea to search around a bit first. :)
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    Cloudy Wort

    Jimmy, I never expect too much clearing in the bottle. I normally rack and condition brews for 2-3 weeks after primary, so pretty much all of the clearing post ferment is done there. Maybe look at your chilling. I found a significant difference in clarity when I got a decent chiller. Another...
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    Losses In The Kettle

    I find my losses during the boil are higher than the 10% most seem to get. 15% regularly and even 20% is not unusual. Boil time is usually 75 minutes. A rolling boil is what I've been told to maintain. That just means enough to keep things moving, i.e an obvious circulation of the wort. The...
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    Cloudy Wort

    Depends a bit on what you mean by cloudy as well. My wort never gets crystal clear during the sparge; it always retains some cloudiness. I just ensure I get the wort clear of sediment. A 50 minute sparge should get pretty close. Efficient chilling after the boil and racking should clean up the...
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    How Much Beer Do You Have

    The brewery is approaching summer capacity. 225l bottled. 135l fermenting. 66l conditioning. :beerbang: Might be enough.
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    Mash Efficiency Study (batch)

    I've spent a lot of time getting consistency - especially of temperatures - through the sparge. It seems to have been my biggest issue as I now hit close to 80% regularly. (Responded 75-79%)
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    To Mash Out Or Not To Mash Out

    Great thread. A lot of good info and good discussion. I mash out because I can, quite easily, because I have a direct heat mash tun. I have found a more consistent grain bed temp can give up to 15% better efficiency with my system. As was pointed out elsewhere, it's a [batch] sparging issue for...
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    Calling All Sydney Home Brewers

    Nice article. Thanks for the work to make it generally available muga.
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    I Dont Want To Be A "partial Man"

    So is this the thread I use to post indiscriminantly just to increase my rank? :D :D :D
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    I Dont Want To Be A "partial Man"

    So is this the thread I use to post indiscriminantly just to increase my rank? :D :D