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  1. J

    For Sale - Hop Rhizomes

    Hi Dr Smurto, Are you selling rhizomes again this year? Cheers, Jake
  2. J

    What Are You Brewing III

    How did your all cascade IPA turn out Tony?
  3. J

    RecipeDB - Simcoe APA

    Thanks for the input, I will just throw in more cascade.
  4. J

    RecipeDB - Simcoe APA

    Or replace centennial with a bit of Amarillo which I still have also?
  5. J

    RecipeDB - Simcoe APA

    This recipe uses mostly Simcoe and Cascade which I have both of. There is a 10g 10min addition of Centennial of which I have none. What is the opinion on leaving the Centennial addition out - will it affect the taste?
  6. J

    How Beer Works

    your comment has left me with an empty feeling
  7. J

    RecipeDB - Czech Pilsner

    All depends on how you brew - esky, sparge, BIAB etc. Download Brewmate - its free and it will get you on the right track.
  8. J

    Pilsner Urquell Brewing Method

    I currently have my first lager in fermenter at 10 degrees, pilsner malt, czech saaz hops and Wyeast 2001. Current gravity is 14, with the predicted at 10-12. I have read alot about diacetyl rests. I had a taste and smell, smells like beer and taste has a hint of something which I assume to be...
  9. J

    Milk, Absolute Bloody Scandal

    I agree. Can't buy it from Coles or Woolies though. Another reason to stay away from the big bad two.
  10. J

    Suitable Hose For Hot Wort

    Not always. I had a smart idea to keep my first silicone hose stored in a solution of sodium met to keep out the nasties. Silicone became hard and brittle and snapped.
  11. J

    Wyeast 1469 W. Yorkshire

    Thanks for all the advice. I think I will just crash chill now and bottle.
  12. J

    Wyeast 1469 W. Yorkshire

    My hydrometer reads water at zero and has been spot on for all my other brews. I am going to pitch more yeast tomorrow then see if the grav drops.
  13. J

    Wyeast 1469 W. Yorkshire

    Youngs double choc stout from recipe data base. 1 pack of fresh yeast pitched with the pack very swollen. Fg should have been 17 and it has been sitting at 20 for past 5 days. I mashed at 65 biab and mashed out at 72. I have a gut feeling it may be done at 20fg. The og was 2 points below...
  14. J

    Wyeast 1469 W. Yorkshire

    I did use this yeast for the first time on a stout. 18 - 20 degrees in the fermenter. The fermentation looked much the same as any other yeast. Now the gravity is stalled at 20. No luck with raising to 22 degrees and swirling fermenter so I am going to pitch in a US05 starter (all I have atm)...
  15. J

    Young's Double Choc Stout This recipe is in the fermenter using 1469 Yorkshire. The gravity has been at 20 for past 5 days (total ferment time of 2 weeks so far). Recipe suggests final gravity of 17. I was 2 points under OG so thought it should get to around 15...
  16. J

    Mclaren Vale Ipa - Wow

    I was down at their McLaren Vale shop and had a couple on tap very nice. From their drinks menu - " VALE/IPA - India Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV, 41 IBU An Australian interpretation of an American IPA, using a combination of hops from three countries. Galaxy from Australia, Nelson Sauvin from New...
  17. J

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    I had one side by side with a SN torpedo extra IPA. I prefered the Vale IPA. It is supposed to be an American IPA (lighter on the malt so hops shine through).
  18. J

    4 Pines Kolsch

    How can they call it a Kolsch then? I thought a Kolsch needs to be made with a Kolsch yeast?
  19. J

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    My wife was near mclaren vale for work today. She gave me a ring to ask if I would like some beer from mclaren vale beer company. What a wife!! She came home with vale ipa and vale dark. Drinking the ipa now. Nice aroma and hop flavor. A bit more malt would be better but a very nice beer.
  20. J

    Throw Out Your Cubes

    We may have similar professions. The last "drink spiking" case I attended to was from a mother concerned for her 16 yr old daughter. Mother: "her drink must have been spiked because she came home from a party like this and she would never drink alcohol". I had to stop myself ffrom laughing. I...