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    Re-using yeast from last ferment

    I've done this a couple of times when I have been super busy with work and didn't have time to harvest and clean like I normally do. Both times the resulting beer was fine. Dr Hans ran an exbeeriment on his channel and managed to dump his new batch onto the remnants of his last batch for...
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    Looking for dry hoping advice

    x2. Chuck 'em in holus-bolus. Cold crashing will cause the hop matter to sink to the bottom of your fermenter. Just be careful before you're transferring to your keg that you don't stir everything back up. I've done NEIPAs this way with massive dry hop additions and never had an issue with...
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    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    I've been away for a few months and wow, talk about exciting times! Keg King have done exactly what I hoped they would - stepped up to the plate and made a product that's innovative. Well done. Even better, it's stupid cheap. Hats off to you guys. I'll be grabbing a couple of these to give...
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    Tilt owners you happy with it ?

    I have 2 of the latest version tilt devices and am super happy. I bought them 2nd hand at half the RRP and even then I thought they were on the pricey side, but everyone has a different perception of value. I love the way they integrate with Brewfather. It's so easy to see when fermentation...
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    Yeast starters and equipment

    @Drewgong you wont regret buying the O2 kit. As @MHB said (in more detail than I have the patience to write out for someone else), O2 is critical at the start of the fermentation process. Going back to your original post, if you're getting diacetyl off flavours in your beers, the most likely...
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    American Ale Yeast Recommendation

    My experience mirrors this. I struggle to pick the difference between the same beer fermented with US05 v 1056. Both are very good for American style pale ales and IPA's. I would throw in another contender for consideration. Vermont Ale Yeast from The Yeast Bay. This is my go to for...
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    BREWMAN News

    Thanks Steve. Is it okay if I pick it up next week?
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Can you post a video showing how this works? I'm not running a pub, but would be interested if theres' an advantage in terms of keeping O2 more easily out of my beers.
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    Guten whirlpool arm on brewzilla?

    The Guten is a far superior product to the Brewzilla and its accessories should never be tainted by contact with a Brewzilla. ;) Shame it doesn't say what size the camlock fitting is on the KK website. I just threw a right angle stainless hose barb onto the end of the silicon hose of my...
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    My KK vs KL post was deleted - Why KK is not allowed here

    I would definitely prefer to see KK as a sponsor on here, instead of posting by stealth with shadow posters. It shits me to tears that the usual suspects (who sit on the sidelines and snipe at each and every mention of KL) say "I'm not affiliated with KK, I just heard this visiting the store."...
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    Chimay yeast cultivation

    Woah, a 12% NEIPA!!! And fermented with Chimay yeast. I love trying crazy sh!t like that. Well off topic here, but curious to know how it tasted. Did it drink like a 12% beer, or did the yeast do a good job of hiding the 'heat' of the alcohol? Did the hops still shine through? I'm curious...
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    Whats In The Glass

    Just letting you guys know that Hop & Grain in Marrickville have honey malt in stock right now. This is not a paid advertisement. I was in there yesterday and saw it in stock. A rare sighting indeed.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I wish there was a wish list.
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    Fermentation temp control in winter

    It depends on the yeast strains that you're using. You could easily use just cooling in winter if you're using a lager yeast. The results will be very disappointing if you're using a saison or abbey yeast. What are you trying to brew and what yeast are you thinking of using?
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    Chimay yeast cultivation

    Agreed. WLP500 is better than either of the Wyeast or MJ equivalents (and I rate them in that order too). I'm also a fan of the WLP530 (Westmalle). When the ABV starts climbing up to 9% and above, my preference swings from the 500 to the 530, but of course that all comes down to personal...
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    Keg modding for floating dip tube to begin dry hopping

    At the moment it's sitting in my keg filtering an IPA. All you need to do is: Drill a hole through the screw on lid from your hop tube that's large enough to fit your beer post through it. Screw the lid back on the hop tube, then clean and sanitise. Unscrew the beer post from the keg you...
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    Keg modding for floating dip tube to begin dry hopping

    I can assure you it works a treat. So you're a shill for Keg Universe then! Long live Keg World!. I can't believe how many oxygen thieves are wasting their time on this whole KL V KK palava. Good to see there's still the occasional thread here where people actually talk about brewing.
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    Brewzilla 35L grain going through the pump

    @Xodaru it sounds like you've got the outlet from your pump running flat out. You'll need to throttle it down by adjusting the ball valve to the point that the flow out the pump more or less matches the flow through the grain bed. If you don't use the top screen, you'll need to take care that...
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    Brewzilla 35L grain going through the pump

    As @MHB has said, check your crush. I've only ever had issues once with grain causing problems with either a R35 or B65 and that was because the level of the water in the mash was over the top of the pipe (my miscalculation). To strop stray pieces of grain getting into your pump, chuck a hop...