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  1. EastVicLad

    Tap King Bottles

    I have 18 tap kings for sale and 2 x heads Can be delivered this coming weekend to Melbourne or surrounds... Make me an offer before they go on eBay... Thanks
  2. EastVicLad

    Wanted: Tap King Bottles

    Wow we have heaps of these didnt know they were fetching such a decent amount
  3. EastVicLad

    E. Melbourne Yeast Vials Mini-Buy

    Any word on left overs?
  4. EastVicLad

    Put on a keg at local club

    Pretty sure i have been to a few partys that sell raffle tickets that can then be exchanged for drinks or kept for the raffle that way your not selling beer but selling raffle tickets... that was a few years ago
  5. EastVicLad

    4 x kegs for sale - Altona Vic pick up

    will take any left over if there are any not sold
  6. EastVicLad

    Vic 2018 Xmas in July Case Swap

    Hahahaha didn't see this before i replied to the thread... The sliders sound like a go then...
  7. EastVicLad

    Vic 2018 Xmas in July Case Swap

    Attendees 1. Droid 2. Idzy 3. Nullnvoid 4. AJ80 5. Mardoo 6. Micbrew 7. JB 8. DJ_L3ThAL 9. MartinOC 10. Midnight Brew 11. Husky 12. Curly79 13. Technobabble66 14. homebrewnewb 15. Malt Junkie 16. Dr Rocks 17. Danscraftbeer 18. Laxation 19. Whiteferret 20. GrumpyPaul 21. TheWiggman 22...
  8. EastVicLad

    E. Melbourne Yeast Vials Mini-Buy

    Yeah sweet let me know i would be keen on some of the 50's
  9. EastVicLad

    The 2017 Melbourne Grain Bulk Buy

    I would host but abit far out of the way...
  10. EastVicLad

    E. Melbourne Yeast Vials Mini-Buy

    Any of these vials still floating around?
  11. EastVicLad

    The 2017 Melbourne Grain Bulk Buy

    Im in for the next one...
  12. EastVicLad

    System upgrade options...

    I have been bitten by the AG bug... I got a second hand setup locally and has done me well in the learning phase but i now want to upgrade... The system I run is a 2v Mash/Lauter + HLT/Kettle and i find with my step mashes the 2 vessel system works well for me but I'm wanting to start doing...
  13. EastVicLad

    Gippy Brewers

    I'm close to Droid in Bairnsdale would also enjoy a club of some sorts around the area...
  14. EastVicLad

    Lids For Schweppes kegs

    Thats the one 112 x 88 perfect...
  15. EastVicLad

    Lids For Schweppes kegs

    Looking for a tape measure now... This could take awhile hahaha just moved house and only unpacked the brew gear shed wise as yet hahaha
  16. EastVicLad

    Lids For Schweppes kegs

    this is the one i have ignore the o ring as its very thin for some reason...
  17. EastVicLad

    Lids For Schweppes kegs

    Hey all Have come into possession of a few extra old kegs and wanted to get them into the rotation asap... Problem is one is missing its lid and its the schweppes squarer type lid... Anyone Know where to source these?? I have found plenty of ordinary Corny lids but they don't fit as i have...
  18. EastVicLad

    Melbourne grain bulk buy?

    Would be very interested i a few bags possibly 4-5 depends on whats available... hops and yeasts would be a bonus as well...
  19. EastVicLad

    Inherited an AG setup and have a few question...

    Just had a look at the BIAB method and I dont think its the same sort of bag... Its quiet small really and wouldnt hold the amount of grain needed... i was thinking it was to steep the hops during boil or straining the wort pre boil... it has a small opening...