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  1. darrenp

    VICBREW 2015

    Thanks For the offer Andrew but I've decided to send my entry off today by express post. Must catch up for a brew soon.
  2. darrenp

    VICBREW 2015

    Really OMG I'm sitting here sulking because the boss wont let me go to Melbourne Brewers tomorrow night because she has a mums group dinner. That was about the only chance I'd have to get down. If you could get down there Thursday that would be great. Looks like we need to sort that club...
  3. darrenp

    VICBREW 2015

    It doesn't look like I've been sent an email. Can I PM someone my email address or find out what's involved in getting my entry organised?
  4. darrenp

    VICBREW 2015

    Very happy with my second place in the Strong Lager with my Eisbock. Big thanks to all the organisers sounds like it was a massive undertaking. Will indeed try and make myself available next year.
  5. darrenp

    BEERFEST 2015 comp moves to the Royal George Hotel in Kyneton

    Hey guys any news on results for those of us who couldn't make it to Kyneton?
  6. darrenp

    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest 2014

    Well that was a rather pleasant surprise with two third placings. Just checked the post to see how far off the comp was and didn't notice that the original post had the date as last years comp on the 19th. Certainly got me thinking something wasn't right when I saw my name there in the...
  7. darrenp

    Gippsland, Latrobe Valley get together.

    My mate mentioned today that he has had a bit of interest from people wanting to organise a home brew slash beer apreciation club. He owns the Cargo Lounge in Traralgon and has offerred up the use of his upstairs room "Mr Trickys". Haven't actually got over there myself but he tells me that...
  8. darrenp

    C02 Cylinder - What Do You Use?

    After a lot of research I found the 2.6 kg Keg King was going to best meet my needs mostly price and ease of refilling. I have a couple of different places nearby where I can swap and go. As far as getting someone elses dodgey bottle I don't think it's an issue as each bottle needs to be...
  9. darrenp

    Melbourne Eaurthquakes

    We're at Foster and it was the biggest one I've ever felt, went for at least 20 seconds just a slow quiet rumble that built up louder and stronger as it went like a big wave rolling up the beach. Couldn't have been far off, if it was from Korumburra are its certainly the bigest that's been in...
  10. darrenp

    Ag Hoegaarden Recipe

    I found this site to be pretty handy I went with a tripple decoction and ended up with an efficiency of 61%. Had read somewhere to expect around 10% lower than normal which was about right. One thing I do remember was that the...
  11. darrenp

    Ag Hoegaarden Recipe

    Have to agree that raw wheat is a real pain to mill. My first and only atempt so far resulted in one burnt out drill and another that needed to be removed with an angle grinder after it slipped on the mill shaft and then the chuck locked tight and wouldn't loosen off. When the drill did catch...
  12. darrenp

    Melbourne Brewers British Ales Competition (vic)

    Guys don't want to be the bearer of bad news but G&G do not hold entries in the fridge. I've seen them stacked up behinind the counter in the past but figured I'd ask when I dropped off an entry on Friday. They don't have the room in their fridge they reckon which is fair enough I supose.
  13. darrenp

    First Time Apple Press

    I'd been thinking about doing a cider for awhile but hadn't seriously looked at it until I drove past the inlaws orchard while out colecting firewood. Was quite suprised by the number of apples still on the trees so decided to put together a cider the following weekend. Did a bit more research...
  14. darrenp

    White Specks In Bottle Neck. Infection Or....?

    Probably way off the mark but its not your priming sugar is it? I used to always bulk prime but now that I have kegs on the last batch I kegged 19 litres and bottled the rest adding dextrose to each bottle which formed white clumps along the neck where it stuck to the damp surface. Most of...
  15. darrenp

    2011 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hops!

    Pretty happy so far with my first atempt at growing hops. From left to right two Chinooks, Halertau and Cascade. Halertau was picked up from Siborg and transferred from a pot and the rest were rhizomes from Dr Smurto. Cascade is a little further behind with only 30 odd small flowers but the...
  16. darrenp

    If Money Was No Object Would You Start A Micro Brewery?

    ALways the dream and all planned out so many times but every idea always comes out way too high on the bucks or the risk and unless there was a big Tats win or inheritance it's never going to happen. Then it gets you thinking if you had a big windfall like that then why the heck would you want...
  17. darrenp

    Some Questions About Beerfest 2012

    Yeah bit of a time thing for me to by the time I pack the four kids in the car and then drive the three hours down to G&G but it does give me a good excuse to stock up on supplies. I never get there before 12 so haven't seen the special, not that I think I need it anyway. Beer4U if you want to...
  18. darrenp

    RecipeDB - Hoppy Wheat

    Where did you get hold of Amarillo flowers?
  19. darrenp

    Massive Trub Wit.

    That was quick. I think you might be right. Probably not worth the hassle and anyway I'm starting to think that any minute now SWMBO is going to poke her head out and tell me to get inside. But I might just wait a bit anyway.
  20. darrenp

    Massive Trub Wit.

    Just completed a rather succesful brew day after much research brewing my first Belgian Witbier where all targets were met. Looking at the OG sample left sitting on the bench there is a massive amount of trub forming. This of course is no doubt due to the 50% raw wheat I used but its got me...