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  1. real_beer

    Equipment For Sale WITHDRAWN - Perth

    Removed due to lack of interest.
  2. real_beer

    Engine Crane as Brewery general lifter

    I made this years ago & have used it for working on motorbikes as well as brewing. The hoists are cheap on ebay and if you or a mate can weld you can end up with a very handy addition to your workshop for a reasonable price. Notes: The gusset in the drawing should be ignored as a 150mm x 90mm x...
  3. real_beer

    FS: Pick up Lyndhurst Vic- Grain mill and motor

    Truman42, that's a great rig mate. To anyone who wants to but has never tried to power a mill before, this is an absolute bargain, jump on it immediately. I'd reckon it'd sell quickly on Gumtree, or someone at a local home brew club would snatch it up as soon as they saw it :cheers: cheers
  4. real_beer

    Tubing for gas and liquid lines

    Dave Carpenter from Craft Beer & Brewing explains everything on the subject all in one place, in a calm, precise, muppet proof presentation.Quote: "In this video, you'll learn how to build, maintain, and troubleshoot your home draft system. Whether you are building your beer dispensing setup...
  5. real_beer

    Brewing books

    To be honest with you these days I'd just jump on YouTube and watch as many brewing videos as possible especially as the brewer will often show and explain any mistakes they made during the brew. A little later it'll become clear what areas you want to learn more about first and there are a lot...
  6. real_beer

    Braumeiser v2.1 ++++

    Oooo Weeeeeee ................ I'll take em!
  7. real_beer

    Matho's controller

    nzbrad, I think by what you just said you've probably got the probe wired up properly already. I see the BrewManiacEx can cater for monitoring multiple temperature probes so maybe there's a software setting that needs setting differently, but I'm just guessing. The problem with 99% of these...
  8. real_beer

    Matho's controller

    When your trying to When you've been doing these tests with the serial monitor that show the probe works okay on your computer, is it with the probe plugged into its socket, or directly connected to the board? If you've been connecting it directly to the board, go to your audio plug & switch...
  9. real_beer

    $25 grain mill motor from bread maker

    Love it mate! :bigcheers:
  10. real_beer

    Shed cleanup

    Yes, that's how they're designed to work, they're made from aluminium with SS lines running through them. Castlemaine Perkins used to teach a cellarman how they worked and set up properly for Hotels who hired them out for functions etc. They work great at what they were designed to do. Remember...
  11. real_beer

    Shed cleanup

    The second unit with the plate chiller is designed with legs to shed water & keep it above the water melted from cooling the beer. With he unit full of ice and the top on, you'd open the bung hole every now & then to let the water out. If you want to use one as a pre-chiller for your counter...
  12. real_beer

    pH meter recommendation

    One of these may suit your needs and if they work as well as the video suggests it'll be a nice piece of gear at a great price. Mine arrived in the post today but it'll be a couple of weeks before I use it. I've got a couple of CyberScan units that have lots of functions, but for the price of...
  13. real_beer

    Perth single vessel brewing

    Roy at TWOC Brewing Supplies 2/40 Port Pirie St, Bibra Lake WA 6163 is having a brew day this Sunday starting at 9am. He used to do a few brews on different systems and is an enjoyable way to pass a few hours.
  14. real_beer

    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Build/Advice/Question Thread

    You no doubt got yours well and truly sorted long ago, but for other people in the future the controller and pre made sensors that come with the lael's kit are wired with the Center Pin VCC & the Middle is DQ. So GND stays the same and the other two are switched around.
  15. real_beer

    Anyone Have Beersmith Files Of Brewing Classic Styles?

    No worries. The forum in the original link had a name change, this link explains it and redirects to the new site Cheers
  16. real_beer

    CO2 Bottle testing

    This is an interesting video and if your worried about testing and retesting check out 6:30 to 6:50
  17. real_beer

    Single vessel electric brewing

    It can cost a bit to build your own system but if you plan, design & build it well, you'll be proud of it & able to modify it yourself as the need arises. The biggest drawback I see to a store bought system for myself is when new models become available I'd probably always want one :). The...