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    Inkbird Thermometer Hygrometer Giveaway+ Big discount Sales

    @inkbird need something to control humidity, any chance of a deal on a IHC-200 WIFI??
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    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Hi Brewman, above list of PCs is all the PCs/seasonals available at the moment?
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    Blichmann Engineering products to be available from Keg King soon

    @Keg King it's mid June, when is the Blichmann gear due in stock? Too bad it wasn't ready for the long weekend 10% off sale 😜
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    Blichmann Engineering products to be available from Keg King soon

    Excellent news! Very Interested in an Autosparge, G2 Linear Flow Valves and their Spunding Valve. Hope those will be in the first shipment? Would also be interested in seeing your price for the Brewcommander controllers and Riptide pumps?
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    Making a malt pipe out of a 55L keg

    Oh I see we're talking about single vessel, to sparge you have to lift the bag out and let it hang above "BK"? Sorry 3v brewer here and the OP said recirculation. I can't see any reason you can't recirc with a bag, I plan on doing this to help with the clean up. I agree with Mark, you would...
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    Making a malt pipe out of a 55L keg

    Why can't you recirc with a bag?
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    Stainless Steel Panel with hinged door and slopped top

    I'll take it mate, but I don't think you've said where it's located?
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    Star San V Chlorine

    Not sure if someone has mentioned this already. But if you're going to use both for different purposes that's cool, but don't mix them up! Acid chlorine reaction will create chlorine gas.
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    Using an Air compressor to clean kegs/lines?

    You'll need a multi-stage filter; Coalescing filter to remove droplets(oil and water), probably two different stages of coalescing filters, Carbon filter to remove oil vapours and odour and HEPA to be sanitary. Essentially a Breathing Air supply filter like these Breathing Air Filtration |...
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    Natural Carbonation using SS Brewtech Unitanks

    I have not had this issue what so ever and last batch was a stout, forced carbed in tank and reached 11psi, still pulling samples with minimal foam. 🤷‍♂️
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    Natural Carbonation using SS Brewtech Unitanks

    I use the carb stone after cold crashing, last brew it worked very well but others not so well. I think the pores can get clogged. Does the sampling coil de-gas the sample? I thought it was just like having afew meters of 4mm serving line, gives some restriction? I have the full CIP setup but...
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    Brewtech SS fermenting vessels discussion thread

    @fdsaasdf I'm with you on that, but friends grow them tho. I've asked them if the can pelletise them for me, but for some reason they don't seem to want to do that for me when I complain about their free hops?????
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    Brewtech SS fermenting vessels discussion thread

    What's everyone do with dry hopping whole cone hops? Hop bag keeps blocking the racking arm outlet and there's no where internally to tie the bag to. P.S. I replaced the cooling coil lid with a 6" to 3" plain tri clover adapter as the hop bag just got stuck in the coil.
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    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    Thanks for asking this question CyriusBrew and @goatchop41 for the reply, I'm also trying to see if it's worth modifying my current 3v or putting the money towards a single-vessel. A couple of things i see: @goatchop41 what size batches are you making typically? Mash water and Sparge heating...
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    Electric 50ltr 3 Vessel Gravity Feed System

    Willing to sell the Autosparge separately? I can't see it install in the MLT?
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    FS (Bris): Spike unitank CF10 and dry hop airlock

    @Meddo Is the TC on top of the Spike lid 4"? Wondering about using your airlock on a SS Unitank, but that's 3" or 6"
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    Homebrew equipment 3 Vessel

    Photo of counter flow chiller please?
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    Free:PID controllers and thermostats(Melb)

    Sorry don't think previous photo upload worked 20200107_074907 by camNZ posted 12/1/20 at 10:25 AM20200107_074902 by camNZ posted 12/1/20 at 10:25 AM20200107_074836 by camNZ posted 12/1/20 at 10:25 AM 20191218_212219 by camNZ posted 12/1/20 at 10:25 AM20200107_074801 by camNZ posted 12/1/20 at...
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    Ball valve, looking for thread

    Can't find much info on the blichmann units, they look nice and easy to clean, but to me the seat arrangement doesn't look much different than a regular ball valve so can't see how it would stop liquid getting trapped around the ball? If sanitary butterflies aren't your thing(only available in...