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  1. eldertaco

    KegKing now at

    CNY holidays only started last week though, whereas the stock situation for KK gear has been atrocious for at least the last month, so CNY can hardly explain it.
  2. eldertaco

    How to Culture & Harvest Commercial Yeast from a Beer Bottle

    Most probably lacto but also possibly pedio in some as well I'd guess..
  3. eldertaco

    How to Culture & Harvest Commercial Yeast from a Beer Bottle

    And here's a list of brett and bacteria from commercial bottles...
  4. eldertaco

    2017 Yakima Valley experimental varieties

    Seems YVH have released some new experimental varieties, anyone getting any in? LHBS or homebrewers? The exp. Lemonaughty sounds interesting
  5. eldertaco

    Ballarat Beer Festival 2018

    I made the trip up from Melbourne for the day. First time and I thought it was great. Definitely reckon the lakeside location was excellent, plenty of shade as you said and the breeze off the lake really kept the temperature nice. Some great beers there for sure.
  6. eldertaco

    eBay stock pots

    Yeah point cook
  7. eldertaco

    eBay stock pots

    Nice one, yeah I think a trip to the warehouse might be in order next week. Save a bunch on shipping...
  8. eldertaco

    eBay stock pots

    Good to hear the soga pots are good quality. I agree those taps look pretty naff to me too, would rather just buy the pot and finish it myself.
  9. eldertaco

    Topping up the kettle post boil

    I design the recipe based on finished volume. If you use beersmith you can set your recipe's top up water on the volumes area.
  10. eldertaco

    eBay stock pots

    I've been looking at a few ~100L stockpots on ebay. Specifically the SOGA branded ones from buyinaus and the ones from thebestguys Anyone here bought one these? Thoughts?
  11. eldertaco

    Topping up the kettle post boil

    Yeah I keep a cube of boiled and chilled water around for dilution post boil for if I'm doing a double batch in my crown urn. Seems to work well. Usually I add it to the fermentor but that's a good point next time I might top a portion into the urn first. It definitely helps bring temps down if...
  12. eldertaco

    Giving Away INKBIRD IBT-6X with 6 Probes Right Now!

    Count me in, I'm building a second smoker right now actually so it would be excellent timing...
  13. eldertaco

    Second-Hand Grain Mill EOIs

    You guys might also try posting in the minimill bulk buy thread.and directing them here, not sure how many people realise this thread is here..
  14. eldertaco

    Vic Case Swap Equipment....ongoing..

    Holy shit, this looks serious in here. Will have to pull my finger out and get in on the next one! Carry on...
  15. eldertaco

    Chilling - pre chill water or post chill wort

    I'm no expert but I would have thought you'd be best off using the icebucket + immersion chiller to bring down your tapwater temperature before the CFC.
  16. eldertaco

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Nice knowing ya, sorry to see you go. [emoji17]
  17. eldertaco

    Pirate Life sells to AB InBev

    I wonder how many will stop purchasing them because they don't want to support AB InBev though? Probably more than a few but less than a lot I suppose.
  18. eldertaco

    Pirate Life sells to AB InBev

    Good on them, amazing effort in a pretty short time. Would be good if it meant it got cheaper but I very much doubt that.
  19. eldertaco

    Problems with yeast rinse

    Maybe even look at splitting it into some vials with glycerine and freeze it? You can sell the idea to SWMBO on the idea of buying yeast less often.... Hahahahaha.
  20. eldertaco

    Problems with yeast rinse

    Nah you've killed it. That is close to best case scenario in my opinion. Probably didn't need quite as much extra water as I said, but what you've got there is about as best as I'd be looking for anyway. Ultimately a job well done. Edit: Nah I think the goods is the nice coloured creamy...