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  1. elcarter

    STC-1000 EE error

    Heat it to see if it changed resistance voltage to confirm its a unit fault. These sensors can be intermittent. I'll happily go away now and let this forum go back to the usual,
  2. elcarter

    STC-1000 EE error

    Got a multi meter?
  3. elcarter

    ADL Esky Mash tun - Birko 20L urn - Copper coil - Gas reg HP-LPG +

    Hi Ray, Sorry mate must have turned my email notification off for this thread. I'm located in Enfield. 60L esky news around $60 - this ones done some work and looks a bit shabby. False bottoms are $100+ - this one is my design, it's bigger and I have yet to get a stuck sparge. Reducer to...
  4. elcarter

    ADL Esky Mash tun - Birko 20L urn - Copper coil - Gas reg HP-LPG +

    I'll be throwing these up on Gumtree soon if no one's interested.
  5. elcarter

    ADL Esky Mash tun - Birko 20L urn - Copper coil - Gas reg HP-LPG +

    In the middle of the brewery upgrade. Have some stuff that may be of use to someone. 1. 60L techni Ice esky with my own designed false bottom. Has reducer in the drain hole that reduces to 1/2" bsp for a tap ect. The top manifold was a work in progress that I stopped developing when it seemed...
  6. elcarter

    Keg King Growler Drafto Kit

    To me looks like a little too much effort for a liter or two of beer. Proper carbonated beer decanted to my growlers never been off enough to even think about a better way. I can see a possible use for competitions if one was particularly OCD.
  7. elcarter

    Coopers Homebrew Lager (is it really)

    Was at the brewery today doing a bit of work. Did see one lager yeast group of sachets.
  8. elcarter

    How To Make Vegemite

    Just go make some peanut butter.
  9. elcarter

    Keg King Elements

    If your going down the self or sparky wire up then I'd recommend Camco water heater elements. Had a 3800W running in a HLT for over 2 years now.
  10. elcarter

    Source for stainless steel tubing

    I do a bit of contracting at a stainless fab shop. Buy though those guys, the price you get stainless for once your on the books with regular orders will make you go mad with brewery ideas. I'm sure a few beers and a + 10% for the trouble will get you what you need.
  11. elcarter

    Suggestions for a restuarant in Melbourne to have a 50th bday?

    Was about to say Rockpool was the best restaurant experience I had in Melbourne but then saw the number requirement. I've heard many good things from friends (foodies) about meat and wine co, they appear to be more accommodating function wise.
  12. elcarter

    wlp004 and wy1084 probably arent the Guinness strain

    Personally I'd say it's less likely to be a wild yeast. Wouldn't the amount of money at stake ensure that rigorous, proven process's were adhered too? Certainly possible to be a wild strain but if it was extracted under proper process I'd have my money on it being what was used in the...
  13. elcarter

    Cheap stir plate - USB cooling pad

    I had a look inside the digital stir plate construction. I was impressed with the level of detail they went to, I'd have a crack at the DIY kit if money was tight but within your budget. My Pc fan in a box attempt worked well but always lacked that vortex and had trouble with magnet retention...
  14. elcarter

    SSR Mounting

    Ha no but may need to change the batteries on the wireless keyboard for the htpc. I do have an old hornsby train set... No SSR's there. Fans at the front covered with reused old case wire mesh from a coolmaster case.
  15. elcarter

    SSR Mounting

    Heat sink on my internal SSR and a case cooling fan worked a treat in my setup. The joys of being an ex commuter geek so much stuff to re-use.
  16. elcarter

    F***ing siphons!

    Had a customer with a similar siphon experience and I had just got some auto's in, looks the same as cheeky's. He asked me if they worked? I had no idea either never used one. So we got a fermenter and filled it up with some water and gave it a try. Worked well, easy to get going and petty...
  17. elcarter

    Is coopers halal?

    I'm guessing the moderator in this instance is Qld Kev? The moderator that edited my post did not leave a calling card. I'd very much like to discuss that moderation..
  18. elcarter

    Is coopers halal?

    I've spent many hours fixing and flying on aircraft that end up circling distressed boat people. I can tell you there's nothing fun for the crew on board watching them one by one disappear into the below before help arrives. Women and children among them. I, and the crews love it when they come...
  19. elcarter

    Is coopers halal?

    You want to know what the real kicker is, apart form quoting me out of context to make me look like an ass :D, my names Nick Carter. Who would have thought.