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  1. Brewer_010

    40L crown urn for sale CANBERRA

    Selling my urn as I bought a braumeister a while ago and havent used the urn since. Australia made. Concealed element. Great for BIAB. Selling $160 negotiable Excellent condition inside and out, see link...
  2. Brewer_010

    Kegged To Soon?

    Lager it properly for at least 8 weeks then try it again, sounds like you're trying it too early. A four week fermentation should have fermented it out, surely.
  3. Brewer_010

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Little creatures puffin billy (in a growler) Nice maltiness, great colour and some hop bitterness there too. Apparently based on a bock? Its kind of getting there, compared to the geman bocks I've tried. Maybe the wind blew the smoke away, its very subtle and more of an aftertaste. Nice...
  4. Brewer_010

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Sierra Nevada Northern Harvest - man what a beer, aroma and flavour of those hops are sensational, but nicely balanced - highly recommend getting a bottle or two. Followed up with a chilled dry martini - frikken awesome.
  5. Brewer_010

    Force Carb V Natural Carb, My Observations

    I generally prefer the natural carbonation in my kegs, but tend to force carb as its quicker, one less step i suppose.
  6. Brewer_010

    Whats In The Glass

    Kohatu smash, all MO with kohatu at 40, 20, 10 and 0 minutes to about 34IBUs with california lager yeast. I really like this yeast, its awesome!
  7. Brewer_010

    2013, What Will Be Your Theme/project/experiments?

    My plan in 2013 is to brew more than two beers in a row without a fu(king stuck sparge... And to brew some Altbiers over winter as I havent brewed one before.
  8. Brewer_010

    Whats In The Glass

    God you beers look like crap, so disappointing ;)
  9. Brewer_010

    Yeast Sludge

    Bollocks I reckon. I brewed with it for quite a while, years, and got pretty good results (not as good as with liquid). But then results became not so good, with that yeast. If anything my brewing methods became better, and when I consistenty get good results from other dry yeasts I suspect...
  10. Brewer_010

    Yeast Sludge

    Agree, crash chill and it will go. A bit OT but i really cant stand us-05, had a few brews with off flavours, poor performance before ditching it altogether. If you must use a dry yeast, try the S-189 brewed at 16 degrees and you'll find you get better results. Cheers.
  11. Brewer_010

    Spent Grain In Compost

    I put mine in the compost with a fair bit of dry pea straw mulch. The dry stuff stops the grain from stinking, just give the compost a good stir when it goes in. Recently the grain caused my compost to get quite hot which probably wasnt good for the worms.
  12. Brewer_010

    Whats In The Glass

    Coopers sparkly ale clone, with american ale II yeast so it lacks that classic bite. But very good nonetheless.
  13. Brewer_010

    Wyeast 2112 California Lager

    I did a few SMASH beers last summer with this, different hops (Wai-iti and Galaxy), brewed at 16 degrees, used BB ale malt and after 4-6 weeks conditioning they were really good - malt and hops came through well and they had a very nice lagery finish. I'm brewing my APAs for this summer with...
  14. Brewer_010

    Aussie Sparkling Ale All Grain Bitter Help

    I've just started drinking this and its pretty close. I used POR flowers and its very smooth, quite happy with it. I used american ale II but with coopers yeast it would be better. 3.50 kg Ale Malt (Barrett Burston) (6.0 EBC) Grain 84.50 % 0.50 kg Wheat Malt, Malt Craft (Joe White) (3.5 EBC)...
  15. Brewer_010

    Centennial, Cascade & Amarillo - Would You Bother...

    +1 with some simcoe thrown in, bloody awesome! Amarillo and cascade together go really well - I find cascade is more grapefruity whereas amarillo is stone fruit (almost perfumy) and more subtle.
  16. Brewer_010

    Wheat Beer

    Brisfox how long has it been in the keg? In the past I've found that a beer can kind of settle in after a week or two - when previously it seemed overcarbed. good luck
  17. Brewer_010

    Whats Your Bitterness?

    Obviously depends on the style, but my APAs which I tend to brew most of, sit around low 30's with most bittering in the final 20 minutes. IPAs and AIPAs in the high 40's to 50's with most hops/IBUs in the final 30 minutes. I have also done a couple of pseudo lagers with everything at...
  18. Brewer_010

    Wheat Beer

    Mate i just had a dunkelweizen that is FLAT and cant get it to carb up. WTF is it with wheats at the moment? When I've had overcarbed beers I've just vented the keg over a couple of days, you could always bring it to room temperature briefly to help it de-gas. Otherwise, it might be a slight...
  19. Brewer_010

    Beer Won't Carbonate

    you may be right. I pulled a schooner and it tastes flatish, but there is definitely some bubbling happening. I left it for about ten minutes and there seems to be more bubbles happening, so I'm thinking of venting the keg over the next 24 hours and seeing how that goes. Never had that one...
  20. Brewer_010

    Beer Won't Carbonate

    Gas bottles nearly full, over 1000psi - I'm going to change the lid over tonight, then carbonate with some boiled dextrose and a little water, see what happens with that. Its just really frikken wierd.