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    Sold Corny kegs + CO2 bottle - pickup Perth NOR - SOLD

    8 x 19L corny kegs + 2.6kg CO2 bottle & regulator, $400 the lot or can separate; $50/keg, $50 for CO2 bottle
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    Sold Brewzilla 65L 3.1.1 - collect Perth - SOLD

    Selling my Brewzilla 65L 3.1.1 $400 - Only used a couple of times, purchased new Feb 2021. Pickup Perth. Can throw in a 60L fermenter also. If I don't have any luck here I'll advertise elsewhere.
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    FREE - Homebrew books Perth

    Not really into brewing or drinking these days and was doing a cupboard cleanout and have a number of brewing books that would be useful for a new (or existing) brewer. Pickup Ballajura. As stated I am giving these away and, as I am not drinking either I don't want your homebrew in return (no...
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    BrewZilla 65L

    To clarify, Braumeister pumps from the bottom of the mash tun forcing wort up through the malt pipe and grain bed, it then spills over the top of the malt pipe and back into the mash tun. Brewzilla draws the wort at the bottom and pumps it up via a pipe on the outside of the vessel where it then...
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    BrewZilla 65L

    I have the bottom screen on the malt pipe but not the top one - also had the false bottom in there but that wasn't the issue - the issue was the lack of flow out of the malt pipe. Hopefully there's no too much mucking around with stirring etc on brewday - coming from a Braumeister which is set...
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    BrewZilla 65L

    Well my first brew on the Brewzilla 65L was a bit of disaster. Essentially I had very little to no flow through the malt pipe. I (eventually) raised the malt pipe and the only way I could get any sort of flow coming out of it was by scraping grain away from the mesh screen on the bottom of the...
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    BrewZilla 65L

    Brewmart in Bayswater (Perth) - importing the Brewzilla - isn't that what this thread is about?? 🤔
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    BrewZilla 65L

    Not sure where that information comes from, local stockist I spoke with this week who imports them by the container load direct from China has no knowledge of a new version. Also reckons they have about a 10% return rate as opposed to about 25% when they first came out. Anyways after a couple...
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    My micro brewery dream

    Hey Matt nice write up in the paper today, good to see things are still motoring along! (I assume he won't mind me posting the link here);
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    Perth newbie

    Mate two things: control your fermentation temperature (see ice in a bath tub or sink with your fermenter) and swap the yeast you get in the kit with US05 or something similar (assume it's an ale - don't try and brew a lager first up or you will be disappointed). Fermentation temperature is...
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    1/2 Price Spiegelau Beer Glasses

    Thanks for the heads up, have bought glasses :)
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    My micro brewery dream

    Matty, great thread and thanks for sharing. How are you planning to promote the brewery (budget)? Also, are you just selling at the door or are you trying to get taps elsewhere and supply kegs - I'm thinking this is harder than it sounds? I assume you've worked out how much you need to sell /...
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    Starter sanitation necessary?

    Micro organisms that ruin beer (eg bacteria) grow at an exponentially faster rate than yeast. If you have said bacteria in your starter (then subsequent beer) your beer is ruined. Simple. Yeast will not "out grow" bacteria and somehow make a good beer regardless of the bacteria present. For the...
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    Motorhead frontman Lemmy dead at 70

    I remember an interview with Angus Young and him saying they (ACDC) thought they were the loudest band in the world until they heard Motorhead. I remember seeing ACDC on their Razors Edge tour and F me it was loud. Ears ringing for about 3 days afterwards, so I can only image how loud Motorhead...
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    Need help in getting more hop aroma

    I'd suggest it's pretty well correlated. Not that it's an exact science or anything; just saying based on personal experience. :drinks: Maybe it's just me but if the hop smells pretty strongly, you can be fairly sure it's good for putting aroma in your beer. As it happens, those hops often are...
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    Need help in getting more hop aroma

    Really? So a high AA hop adds the same aroma as a lower AA hop?? Who knew I've been doing it all wrong all these years!! I should be using tonnes of saaz late in the boil to get the aroma I want!! :unsure:
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    Need help in getting more hop aroma

    What's the batch size? I've come to the conclusion that dry hopping is the best for aroma - the last batch I did I used 6g/L of Galaxy, aroma was great. Obviously you want to shoot for high AA hops when dry hopping. As others have said, you need to do it toward the end of ferment and leave the...