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    Equipment For Sale 10Kg Sodium Percarbonate - Mornington Peninsula.

    I've got roughly 10kg of sodium percarbonate that I can't take with me when I move so if there's anyone local who's after some it's yours for $20. Pick up Mt Martha.
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    Sold Coopers pale kits, dextrose, maltodextrin - Mornington Peninsula

    I've got the 4 cans of Cooper's Pale Extract, 6kg dextrose and 5kg of maltodextrin available. Looking for $50 for the lot, pick up in Mt Martha.
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    Sold Free Gas bottles, Mornington Peninsula

    I'm moving overseas and I'm not allowed to take gas bottles in amongst my possessions so if there is anyone who wants a nearly full 2.6kg CO² cylinder (dispensed 1 keg) and an empty size D beergas (stout) cylinder (refills available via Total Tools) then these are free to a good home. Located in...
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    New user looking for beer gas in Melbourne

    So the people at Speedgas say. It's their Speedmix 30 which is the same as the Supamix 30 that Feldon referred to earlier in the thread.
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    New user looking for beer gas in Melbourne

    Just a quick follow up on this in case anyone else is ever looking for this gas, I eventually found I could get it at my local Total Tools. They don't carry it as a stock item but they are an agent for Speedgas so just organised for a bottle to be shipped out with their welding gasses.
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    New user looking for beer gas in Melbourne

    Who is your supplier? I've tried contacting Speed gas as suggested in a previous post but I just seem to get out on hold every time I call and give up after 5 minutes of waiting.
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    New user looking for beer gas in Melbourne

    I'm after the NO2/CO2 mix. I've already got CO2 setup for kegging my pale.
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    New user looking for beer gas in Melbourne

    Hi all, Long time browser of the forums but first time poster. I've been brewing pale ales quite successfully for a while now and have my methods and techniques all pretty much sorted after a few false starts and I now want to move onto a Guinness style stout but the one thing holding me back...