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    Oxygen Suckback

    I know there has been a lot of discussion on this subject but can anyone tell me approximately how much CO2 I would need to capture for oxygen suck back prevention? That is how much CO2 approximately would be sucked back during a cold crash of a 23 litre brew. I believe if the container is not...
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    Keg stops pouring after sitting

    Thanks everyone for your input. It looks like it was a temperature issue. Knocked the fridge up a few degrees and seems to be fine now. Just moved house so haven't got my brewing gear organized right now. Never occurred to me that fridge might be too cold. Now to enjoy a few beers. Thanks again.
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    Keg stops pouring after sitting

    Never thought of that. Fridge is set at 2 degrees but I will move it up a few degrees and see what happens. Thanks
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    Keg stops pouring after sitting

    Yes. There is a plastic duck bill type valve on gas inlet. I will replace this and see if it makes any difference. I also have a one way valve in the gas line which I will replace as well. Thanks for you reply
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    Keg stops pouring after sitting

    Looking for suggestions. I have purchased a 50 litre keg and using an A type coupler. The keg stops pouring after not being used for 24 hours. If I take the coupler apart and put it back together again beer flows and will keep pouring but when I come back next evening there is no flow. If I go...
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    Does beer get better with age?

    I think it depends on the style of beer. Some of the heavier stouts and dark beers I believe need aging and as mentioned earlier all beers change flavour as they age. It then remains up to the individuals taste. I generally do pale ales and mine are best when they are young but in saying that I...
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    RAPT Pill

    I had same issue. Set it up last night around 11pm and laid it horizontal on the bench. Put it in a brew this afternoon around 5:30pm. When I logged on to the portal I saw it had been transmitting through the night and day. It gave me one reading from my brew but nothing since. Did you find out...
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    Oppo phone won't connect to Rapt Pill

    I cannot connect my Oppo AX5S to the Rapt Pill (see attached screenshot). Has anybody had this problem and solved it. If I use my wife's later model Oppo there is no connection problem.
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    Heat belt failure at Kvieck brewing temperature

    I have started brewing with Kvieck yeast at a fermentation temperature of 36 degrees celsius using a temperature controlled fridge and heat belt . I have gone through two heat belts in four brews. Is this temperature too high to be using a heat belt? Has anyone had this experience and if so what...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I have this problem sometimes with my 35L Brewzilla. I have to turn the pump on and off a few times. I am guessing it is an issue with air getting into pump but don't know how or what to do to fix the problem. Just hope I don't get the situation where it won't pump.
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    O2 Cylinder

    If you go with a disposable bottle of oxygen from Kegland be sure to remove regulator after each use as they leak. I lost two full bottles before I realized the problem.
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    No chill cubes

    How often do "no chillers" replace their cube? Mine is getting quite discolored and can't seem to get it clean. After my boil I whirlpool for 10 minutes and let suit for 10 minutes and then straight into cube so still probably over 90 degrees. All advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Brian