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    Why are qantas still so shit?

    And all the above with an exorbitant fare? I had an interstate meeting to attend a few weeks ago and over a week out from that meeting I tried to book a seat (down the back), the closest I could get to my schedule was going to set me back $1350 return, Sydney Melbourne with Qantas and Virgin it...
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    Equipment For Sale Grainfather G30 AND Brand new Grainfather S40

    Hi CD, interested in the S40, PM me a price please. Cheers.
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    Forum needs to be active so let's talk political.

    The first stumble and Albo is gone, PW will be elected new leader and thus Prime Minister. The knife has been sharpened and the Caucus numbers secured. Why didn’t the back room boys just put her up from the start?? I’ll leave that for you.
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    Forum needs to be active so let's talk political.

    The lot of them are parasites and have one agenda, power.
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    Electric brewery options

    FWIW, I decided on Cheeky Peak 36L AIO “advanced system“ and added the whirlpool kit and substituted the immersion for a counter flow chiller and it all works perfectly as advertised.The only glitch, I asked for the whirlpool to be installed (in writing with the order) and it was not.PITA to get...
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    Forward planning

    Thanks Two Crows, after some to and fro have decided on a CP BIAB, as for fermentation the best I can do at the moment is my cellar, at least the temperature is constant, done some FWKs and extracts and ok so far, still a long way to go but it’s fun. Cheers.
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    Forward planning

    Hi all and firstly thanks for admitting me to your forum. Well worn story here, brewed over 40 years ago when it was rather basic, managed to produce a reasonable drop, but being young and broke as long as it was close enough it was good enough. Fast forward and now approaching retirement a...