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  1. zeggie

    Old fresh wort kit - safe?

    Yep kept inside a cupboard away from light or heat. Will get it a whirk but will probably dry hop in case it's "stale" Cheers!
  2. zeggie

    Old fresh wort kit - safe?

    Hi all, Might be moving house so did a big clean up. Found a Kegking fresh wort kit hiding under some junk that I purchased about 18 months ago. Is it still safe to ferment?
  3. zeggie

    KegKing now at

    So you didn't bother using their purpose built website? You just randomly emailed an order?
  4. zeggie

    KegKing now at

    Domain isn't owned by MCH Australia. Looks like Kee has control of the domain via a separate entity: Name: TEAM KK PTY LTD ACN: 159 930 382 Something has happened behind the scenes and Kee hasnt/didn't/couldn't hand it over. It certainly looks intentional. Not a glitch.
  5. zeggie

    Digital Thermometer <- thermapen alternatives

    Not suspicious, just an older model. They ship to Australia. Send a message regarding "postage/shipping". Don't purchase until they give you the shipping cost. Don't try Ebay USA. Horrible exchange rate. That's why I suggested UK.
  6. zeggie

    Digital Thermometer <- thermapen alternatives

    Thermapen IS worth the money. You need to buy from Ebay UK to get the best price. I've bought 2 in the past. Took about 2 weeks for delivery. ie...
  7. zeggie

    Are Cheeky Peak closing shop?

    Hope they stick around. Always had good service and prices from them, and free delivery to Melb.
  8. zeggie

    Gold Coast Amateur Brewing Competition - April 2017

    Oh whoops, I knew there was something I forgot this week...forgot to send my entries off! Too late now to send them from VIC. Good luck with the comp regardless!
  9. zeggie

    The one thing to improve your brewday and quality of beer....

    First big tip was temp control. All the magic happens in fermentation. You can turn the best wort into crap beer if the temps aren't right. Second, water. Filter, treat, use Bru'n water or EZ water spreadsheet. Third, oxygen is the enemy. Try and get your DO as little as possible. Take care...
  10. zeggie

    Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2017 Awards and Prizes

    No worries. We'll hit you up to sponsor a category next year ($150 in hops? An IPA comp is perfect to sponsor!) :P
  11. zeggie

    Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2017 Awards and Prizes

    Ah classic strawman argument. Where did I say you're not entitled to an opinion? Which part of any of my posts did you not agree with? The Mashers put in a lot of hard work? Lay off the organisers in the thread? Offer to volunteer? Take your debate to a new thread and not clog up this one? I'm...
  12. zeggie

    Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2017 Awards and Prizes

    Agreed. Maybe a simple certificate could fix things for those who want bragging rights in future? HOWEVER, there's feedback, which is more than acceptable and I'm sure Mashers would appreciate and take on board, and then there are the insults/demands/bad maths posted in this thread that are...
  13. zeggie

    Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2017 Awards and Prizes

    Sorry but I think the fact half the posts in this thread are giving grief to the organisers is a bit harsh.
  14. zeggie

    Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2017 Awards and Prizes

    Lay off the organisers, judges, stewards, anyone who actually gave up their own valuable time to provide the comp for you. As some in this thread would know, it takes serious manpower to get comps like this over the line. There were very experienced judges present, there were epic prizes for the...
  15. zeggie

    EOI for IBU testing.

    Count me for about 4 tests
  16. zeggie

    FS: 50L 2016 Braumeister (Melbourne)

    I'm interested but I have a series2 20L BM - the old control panel but with the updated features. If no one offers a new 20L let us know if you're interested?
  17. zeggie

    Serving free homebrew in licensed premises - eg. a wedding party at th

    Set it up a small distance away from the main Bar and use a kegerator or Jockey box. Problem solved.