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  1. ryanator

    Filling The Drum

    When topping up your drum with water to 23L (or whatever level you are filling to), do you have the water running as a steady stream, creating little to no bubbles, or do you have it "p*ssing out", creating heaps of froth in the drum and aerating the wort?
  2. ryanator

    Pale Ale - Priming Question

    G'day, My first post here in a LONG time. I put down my first brew in about five years not long ago, currently have it sitting in secondary and will be bottling it next Friday. It is a pale ale and, when it comes to bottling, will be bulk primed. My question is: how many grams of sugar per...
  3. ryanator


    The next Bond villain if you ask me.
  4. ryanator

    Beer Descriptions

    I think they could change the Corona description to "A beer similar in taste to swamp water. The adding of lime to kill the bacteria has become a ritual when enjoying the full Coronary experience!"
  5. ryanator

    Fastest Yeast Ever

    Is it true that honey takes longer to ferment? Every time I've used honey in a brew my shed sounds like a warzone after about a month. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the sugar in honey is more complex and takes longer to ferment. If that is the case then t-58 sounds like a good yeast...
  6. ryanator

    Cooper's Kit: Slight Changes To The Instructions?

    That is a damn good idea! Temperature plays such a large part in brewing and there is a large range of brewing environments in Australia.
  7. ryanator

    Cherry Ripe Dark Ale

    I've had quite a bit of success using essence. I've used chocolate, rum, brandy, aniseed and a few others I can't remember. As long as you're not too heavy handed they generally turn out alright. I will say that I was on the borderline of stuffing up a choc licorice stout by using too much...
  8. ryanator

    Pale Ale

    CDJ, cheers for the heads-up with the spreadsheet. I'll hunt around for it. I'm gonna chop the 2kg of malt down to 1.5kg. I have done a pale ale with 1.5kg of malt before and from memory it was very sweet. It had almost a "sticky" mouthfeel. I'll be sure to add some bittering hops too. One of...
  9. ryanator

    Pale Ale

    Haha I realised what the BE2 was as soon as I hit the post button. My bad. I'll ditch the kilo of dextrose and maybe look at going 1.5kg of light dry malt (or maybe 1kg of BE2 and another 500g of light dry malt). How does that sound? I'm doing this brew with a few other guys on my site who are...
  10. ryanator

    Pale Ale

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Much appreciated! I will go for the S-05. The temp in my garage has been a constant 18C so temp should not be a problem. It has been a while since I've haunted my local home brew shop but from memory they didn't store Amarillo or Galaxy hops but did have...
  11. ryanator

    Pale Ale

    Hi everyone! I was once pretty good at the old kit brews but gave it away for about four years due to other commitments. Now I'm ready to drag out the fermenters and have another crack at it. With fear of being a bit rusty, I thought I'd run a recipe by you guys first. I was looking at doing a...
  12. ryanator

    Coopers 62 Pilsner

    I saw this in Liquorland last night and was a little curious about it. I too thought it was going to be a strong ale. After what I've read though, I don't think I'll bother trying this one.
  13. ryanator

    Strange Flavour?

    I did it once. If you are after a sweet chocolate taste then use chocolate essence instead. I think a 50ml bottle costs about a dollar from Woolies and goes well with a Coopers Dark Ale kit. But who knows? Maybe I didn't use enough. Off the top of my head I used about 250g of Milo.
  14. ryanator

    Advice On A Christmas Beer

    My advice is to go easy with the spices. A few years ago I tried a dark ale with nutmeg and cinnamon but got a little heavy handed. It turned out horrible and had an incredibly dry aftertaste.
  15. ryanator

    Rum & Raison Stout

    I like the sound of the raspberry wheat. I haven't done a brew in years so I'm looking to get back into it now. I've always been a sucker for doing brews that are a bit different to the norm (why brew a beer that you can buy cheaply in a shop?). What is a good temp for a wheat to brew at?
  16. ryanator

    Beer Value Calculator

    We now have a direct link. Beer Value Calculator
  17. ryanator

    Beer Value Calculator

    That's basically it. How cheaply you can get smashed. It would be interesting to compare a few home brews on it. I'm pretty sure a few K+K brews would score a 10.
  18. ryanator

    Beer Value Calculator

    I will warn that taste is not accounted for as it is subjective to the person using the application. We'll probably make it a little more advanced in the future so that taste can be accounted for and also broaden its scope a little so you can get the value of bottles of spirits and stuff. But...
  19. ryanator

    Beer Value Calculator

    Hi all, We created a Beer Value Calculator to help everyone get value for money when frequenting the liquor store in these hard economic times. Once you have put in the required information, you will be provided with three results: 1. Beer Value - The higher the value the better! 2. Alcohol %...
  20. ryanator

    Good Bye To Bad Rubbish

    I made one of these a long time ago and added chocolate and honey to it. It turned out okay, not great. It had a massively high alcohol content!