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    Equipment For Sale Temp Controlled Brew Fridge, 55L Fermzilla Melbourne South East

    Still available? Would be interested but don’t need the fermzilla. Happy to let the rest go for $150?
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    Looking for a Mentor

    I'm hours away from any big city. Very small coastal town. Would surprise me if anything like that is around
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    Looking for a Mentor

    Hey JD, cheers for the replay. - No experience - I just know that I would like to brew Pilsner or Lager - Going to use bottles I don't mind to spend a bit of money. Doesn't have to be the high end system, but also not the cheapest, otherwise I could just by a Coopers kit haha I just miss...
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    Looking for a Mentor

    Hey guys, Anyone willing to be my mentor for a small setup, what to buy etc? I've been a mentor for a lot of other things in life and always appreciate if you have someone who takes you through all the steps. Send me a PM if you're happy to help! Based in Oz.