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    Portable induction cooktop for sparge

    As said Considering a basic induction cooktop to do sparge… Just so its set n forget n come when you need and it’s at temperature… Don’t plan on spending a mozta Anyone use this method? Or recommend a decent unit Kmart one is $50 Looks ok to me? Given a grainfather specific unit for task is...
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    Discount codes

    Gday all, Firstly yes I’ve searched. Wondering if there’s a group discount available for kegland or any codes? Can’t find any online, but why have a code box if no codes, so I’m assuming they exist. Just about to spend a bit…😊 Thanks
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    Yeast temp Morgan’s lager

    Gday all I’m trying a different lager here and I DO have full temp control, ie a chest freezer and an inkbird heat belt and inkbird controller, so I can control wherever I like. Pitching always confuses me Says ideal ferment 12 deg, ok, fine, but pitch over 20 deg🤔 I don’t usually emulsify I...
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    Tiltbridge and brewfather

    Gday I have tilt hydrometers and I have an esp32 programmed with tiltbridge and it’s all up and running It shows in “attach” on brewfather and in devices But it’s not updating despite a green light Any ideas Or is there a simpler app, all I want to do is view my temp n sg online I don’t...
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    Need to transfer without lifting fv

    Gday all So my situation is I have a completed cold crashed lager in an fv still at 2 deg I want to keg. I would normally do the two gas two liquid lines with fv bit higher up than keg, then relieve bit pressure in keg and flow starts. I cannot do this currently as I’m post operation and...
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    Kegging early ?

    Gday all, I’m new to kegging, and have a Kassaki lager currently fermented and cold crashed to 2 deg for last 48hrs. It’s cleared off pretty good with just a haze remaining. Under normal circumstances I’d have left it in the FV for couple weeks min before kegging, However I now have a need to...
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    Quick Release poppets

    I recently got some of these poppets they are all in one as opposed to my originals with spring seperate. I got them to replace the o rings that I couldn’t find separately. I find that they don’t seem to fit/work Anyone else had any experience with them? Cheers
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    Ball lock QD seals

    Gday Does anyone have an outlet to purchase the seals that go in both gas and liquid ball lock quick disconnects.? There are 2 seals within, one being a small o ring and it’s easily sourced, but the other is the flat one that sits directly under the screw when taken apart… Can’t seem to find...
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    Howdy All

    Gday Just doing the intro bit. From Tamworth NSW Been a brewer on and off for years but recently got back into it, a lager fan, currently into fwks Rgds Ron