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  1. Fat Bastard

    Signs of a failed/failing pH electrode?

    You could try soaking it in a mild detergent overnight, then sit it in ph7 buffer or storage solution overnight again and see if it works better. I managed to bring mine back that way, (same unit as yours) but be aware that once the coating on the electrode is gone, it's game over and you'll...
  2. Fat Bastard

    Signs of a failed/failing pH electrode?

    Sounds like it's on its way out. Eventually it will also read low in the buffer solutions and not be calibratable. Do you clean the electrode at all? Or just rinse?
  3. Fat Bastard

    pH meter recommendations

    That one looks a little cheap. Manufacturers Reccomendation according to the description is to calibrate before each use, which means you'll go through heaps of buffer. I'm using a Hanna 98128, which is probably a bit more than you want to spend, but has worked well for me. Ideally you want...
  4. Fat Bastard

    Sanitisable HEPA Filter Reccomendations?

    Bumpin' for the Sundee night crowd. Cheers!
  5. Fat Bastard

    Bulk Sodium Percarbonate Supplier (Sydney)

    Cheers Martin. Will give them a bell Monday and try to get a quote for varying amounts. When I have some idea of prices, I'll start a bulk buy thread. Last time I mixed it up 5:1 Perc/Met ratio, so I suppose if I get 5 starters it's a goer.
  6. Fat Bastard

    Sanitisable HEPA Filter Reccomendations?

    I've been using the disposable ones with a reasonable amount of success, but find they go mouldy quickly and need chucking out after a few ferments. I have just trialled a Sterilock airlock, which works fine during the cold crash, but does not flow well enough to leave in place during a gravity...
  7. Fat Bastard

    Bulk Sodium Percarbonate Supplier (Sydney)

    Anyone know of one that will sell me a 25kg sack of it, and possibly a smaller quantity of Sodium Metasilicate? Picked some up in a bulk buy a couple of years ago and I'm down to the bottom of the barrel and need some more. I can't remember who organised the bulk buy last time, but may well run...
  8. Fat Bastard

    Motorhead frontman Lemmy dead at 70 A very formative moment in my life, courtesy of the ABC in the early 1980's
  9. Fat Bastard

    Fairy Beer, your experiences?

    Beetroot Saison is ace!
  10. Fat Bastard


    Yep, drop me a PM with your email address and I'll get you on the list. All official like. Apologies for the late reply, I haven't had much of a chance to scan the forum of late.
  11. Fat Bastard

    Brewtan B, Any experience?

    Ok, three brews in, using as recomended by HBHB, and I hate it. The first brew which must be close to 3 months old is only just showing signs of clearing up. I've got an AAA that looks like rusty tank water and a saison that looks like the Yarra River. Brewbrite seems to be back in stock at...
  12. Fat Bastard

    Any Vintage HiFi Geeks Here? Difference between a Pot and an L-Pad

    Yeah, I'd like to use it. The speaker has 2x10" drivers, one firing downwards and an array of 4 3" tweeters. The good side sounds great with the tweeter array turner down, but the dead pot side only powers the tweeters when it's all the way up and sounds miles too bright with my Cayin valve amp...
  13. Fat Bastard

    Mill Motors

    Should fit the shaft, 12mm I pretty loose in the gearbox. However, unless you can mount the gearmotor in perfect alignment with the mill shaft, you'll end up flogging out the bearings in both the mill and the gearbox. I suppose you could rubber mount the gearmotor an achieve much the same thing...
  14. Fat Bastard


    I've had some experience with power whirlpooling on a homebrew scale. Initially i stared using the ubiquitous Little Brown Pump, and a gooseneck type device that would allow me to vary the height and angle of the wort return to get the best cone. I found the best height was approximately 1/3...
  15. Fat Bastard

    Any Vintage HiFi Geeks Here? Difference between a Pot and an L-Pad

    Yeah, Ive given it a good clean, contact cleaner, fine wet & dry on the contacts and coil, then more contact cleaner, but she still doesn't work. I just realised I've left the bloody thing on my desk at work so I can't give it a good flogging wth harsher abrasives over the weekend. It feels &...
  16. Fat Bastard

    Any Vintage HiFi Geeks Here? Difference between a Pot and an L-Pad

    Anticipating the stampeding herd of people rushing to answer my question, here's a pic of the crossover. Yes it is just a bunch of stuff glued to a bit of masonite. These things cost $550 US in 1976. Made by two brothers in a shed in California. The photography is all mine however. I've also...
  17. Fat Bastard

    Any Vintage HiFi Geeks Here? Difference between a Pot and an L-Pad

    I'm trying to fix a pair of 40 year old RTR180-D floorstanding speakers, They've got a simple crossover with a couple of capacitors and 3 resistors in each side, and a 16ohm wire wound pot. Which is dead. Well, I reckon it's a pot (a dead one), because it has a single wiper arm. L-Pads have a...
  18. Fat Bastard

    Mill Motors

    I think a latching switch for the brake would be nice. Most of my comments would be around the size of the board. By far the biggest pain was trying to find a box to fit it neatly, the ones that would, were huge! I also replaced my on/off switch with a Sprecher and Schuh pushbutton type, which...
  19. Fat Bastard

    Funky Yeast Blend for a Hoppy Red Rye Saison?

    Anyway, it's been 6 weeks in the fermenter now, and having taken the lid off to dry hop, I've witnessed with my own eyes the Brett B pellicle. I'd be worried if i didn't search the term on google images first! Anyway, it's changed quite a bit in flavour over the last couple of weeks. Two weeks...
  20. Fat Bastard

    Brewing/ Making Low Alcohol Beer

    Most of the beers I've been bothered to measure have been between 4.5 & 5 with some outliers heading towards 4. It's a bit hard because you need to make sure they've completely de carbed first, and mostly I just get the shits with waiting and drink the sample. 5.3 seemed a good starting point...