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  1. stakka82

    Braumeister 50L for sale - Melbourne

    Hi Everyone Braumeister 50L for sale in Melbourne. Comes with 3 way ball valve tap and immersion chiller. I also have the original tap. Bought second hand from a member in 2013, and I think he bought it from Grain and Grape in 2012. All up it has done probably less than 20 brews. I have two...
  2. stakka82

    Oldschool Nick JD 'move to AG for 30 bucks' PDF

    Yeah that's the thread that the PDF was based on. The photos are all gone, but the PDF summarises the whole thing without replies etc.
  3. stakka82

    Oldschool Nick JD 'move to AG for 30 bucks' PDF

    Hi all Does anyone have a copy of the PDF version of Nick JD's old beginner's AG tutorial? Everything went when he got booted, but it's the way I learnt AG and still a great resource for beginners I think. I thought I had it somewhere but haven't been able to find it. A mate is starting out and...
  4. stakka82

    Brewery Sale

    update, still unaccounted for: 1x 19l keg pots free bottles
  5. stakka82

    Brewery Sale

    tateg - 2x 19l kegs techno 1x 19l keg, 1x old kk 9l, hops grainer new 9l kk martin oc 1x 19l, grain and pails, possibly pots and cubes free bottles still available
  6. stakka82

    Brewery Sale

    Yep location bentleigh east, VIC new style 9l corny sold to grainer pending pick up
  7. stakka82

    Brewery Sale

    Gday I've not brewed for almost a year due to time constraints which are likely to continue for the next year or two, and now we're moving house and I want to get rid of a lot of my stuff (esp consumables) so they can be used by someone! Here is the gear: 4x 19l Ball lock cornies - $50...
  8. stakka82

    Dry hopping a dark IPA

    The beer you currently have is a dark lager... it is nowhere near being a dark IPA. The hop types and IBU are wrong, as is the yeast. IMO leave this beer as is and enjoy it for what it is. Next time if you want an IPA, brew something with 50 plus IBU using american/aussie/kiwi hops and an ale yeast.
  9. stakka82

    Pirate life iipa

    Their cans are also really cool in that they have the ingredients (hop and malt types) for each beer on the top rim.
  10. stakka82

    Pirate life iipa

    + 1 for the IIPA They also do a session IPA at something like 3.5% and 35 IBU. Interesting niche to fill, I'll be on the hunt for another couple of sixers in summer for driving type occasions.
  11. stakka82


    Given the difference between cheap and expensive LME might be 5 bucks a kg, it's worth considering that after maybe 2 brews you've paid the equivalent of a 19l Big W pot. I'm not familiar with high quality LME but I'm pretty sure average brewing skills + all grain is gonna beat average brewing...
  12. stakka82

    Aus craft beer lack of bottling/BB dates

    Yeah this is a real pain in the ass, and it's kind of counter productive because I won't buy a beer I don't know the BB date of, even though I love to support local wherever I can. I find Aussie craft hop driven beers are absolute rubbish if over 3 months old (under 5%) or over 6 months old (5%...
  13. stakka82

    Wild Yeast Problems - How you overcame

    My advice would be to leave everything behind and start fresh in the new place. That's what I'll do if and when I move. Just not worth the risk otherwise. Having a BM makes it a bit harder though. I thought about that but I have no knowledge of yeast nor the requisite equipment. I entertained...
  14. stakka82

    Wild Yeast Problems - How you overcame

    Yes mate that is exactly it. Relatively 'low level' infections strip hop aroma and make the beer NQR, anything worse is just spew that gets tipped immediately. Like others I have actually binned full fermentors a number of times now.
  15. stakka82

    Wild Yeast Problems - How you overcame

    Hey mate Feel really sorry for you... I've had the same thing for almost 2 years now, on and off. Heart breaking and soul destroying barely close to describing the anguish. I'm infection free for 5 brews now but like others here, I've sidestepped the problem rather than conquering it. As far...
  16. stakka82

    No Chill Cube - Bunnings Blue BMW Containers

    Ummmm look like normal cubes and don't mention lid composition?
  17. stakka82

    Woolies - $10 off James Squires @ BWS

    Just went digging through our trash like a hobo and found one! Yes! Not the biggest fan but Imo the porter and the pilsner are definitely worth $12 a sixer and either will compliment the only beer I have on tap atm which is a fat aipa...