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    Hurry up and get here...

    any one else got one, keen to start playing...
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    4 cases of Cooper's Plastic Bottles

    Used once, had grand plans to bottle, stuff that went back to kegs, perfect for takeaways, make an offer on the lot, or fill up one of my post mix kegs with your next batch... ;).. pickup Cranebrook NSW,
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    flooded font & beer cooling..

    looking to get my setup back up and running, however want to keep it compact as possible.. can I stand a keg room temp and run it through a flooded font that's kept ice cold with glycol pumped through a small bar freezer?, how will the beer react? think it'll be cold enough?.. one below is what...
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    Try An Ale

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    Some Fridges

    free to good home, would like to see all 3 go in one hit.. no hardware inc (the bus fridge still has some taps in there) .. only the bus fridge works.. the big one in the shed did work back in the day, now just blows the fuse.. pickup cranebrook nsw, 2749 .. 0423113654.
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    Are thee any good to anyone?. I dont have a use for them.
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    Free Fridges

    same deal as the bottles, pickup by Saturday, or skip/council cleanup Blue one works Middle One works Right one i don't know yet, will pull it out Saturday to inspect. may keep it. free however offers of beer appreciated....
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    Grolsh Bottles + More

    hey lads, 180odd Grolsch (sm), 60odd crown and 20odd longies.. all need a clean, some need new seals, not getting the use they should from me.. $200 for the lot? (or something interesting to swap?? or tell me 'i'm dreaming?!).. pickup only in Penriff area (NSW).. cheers!.. Warb.. 0423 113 654.
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    Some Bottles

    hey lads, i have a few bottles id like to see go to a good home.. should i sell as a bulk lot on ebay or break them up?.. my thoughts are if i break them up and ppl can bid on the ones they want??... also, any one know anything about the Adelaide bottles?. they seem old and have a logo of a...
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    Pull A Beer?..

    sorry if posted before, found this funny.... would you 'pull' a beer from this??..
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    Free Old Fridge & Chest Freezer

    free fridge, see pic, no handle, has compressor don't know if it works, cable has been cut, there is also a chest freezer next to it that i know don't work.. well the compressor runs however it don't get cold, was going to put in a flooded font however cant be stuffed fixing it, etc, drop me a...
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    Keg To ?

    I have had question from a mate that I cant answer, he wants to go from a commercial keg to something to store it, and drink over time. I have done this with cold bottles straight from my beer tap, but he has guiness, whats required? any suggestions?
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    Auto Bar... Good For A Read
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    Another Yeast Source..

    i dont know about this one.. sorry if its a repost...
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    here is a nice story... went into Kmart to swap over my bottle.. no porblem $11 ... then i asked how much to buy one? they said about $28... so i said ill grab one... they could not find the correct price so they gave me it for $11... so I said "ill take 3!".... score! :beerbang:
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    New Ps2 Game!

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    Ever Been This Drunk

    for those who have not seen this.. watch BEFORE eating....
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    Att Gmk

    Can you get your hands the bits I need for this tap, so I can mount it in a fridge? just need the bit on the end that connects to a hose..
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    Man Peed Way Out Of Avalanche Man peed way out of avalanche A Slovak man trapped in his car under an avalanche freed himself by drinking 60 bottles of beer and urinating on the snow to melt it. Rescue teams found Richard Kral drunk and staggering along a mountain...
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    Canned Peach Beer From Coles..

    After trolling the isles at Coles during the weekly shop, I grabbed a home brand larger, 4kg of canned peaches, a little tin of passion fruit extract... and with a little grin.... ready to try something.... Brewed up the larger and peaches..... And added about 500grams of white sugar out of the...