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  1. scomet

    Passing on a request from a fellow forumite

    Sorry An missed your post, anything from Modus Operandi is brilliant but the 'Former Tenant Red' is a stunning IPA. Modus is a local Sydney brewery, this beers named in honour of the former tenant of the premises who is in prison for his pot plantation!
  2. scomet

    Taking some shortcuts - what am I missing out on?

    Q1/ Do you like the beers you're making (I'll come and have one) C1/ Well done on not having an infection C2/ If it aint broke dont fix it Cheers scomet...
  3. scomet

    AHB, The Home brew Forum UK, Homebrew Talk.

    Whats the point of posting here? Only one person knows what they're talking about.....
  4. scomet

    How To Take Care Of Your Hops

    Mine too but its probably only just stopped snowing in Nelson :-} Dont let them dry out too much, feed regularly, and very poisonous to dogs BTW. ps Loved Nelson Markets, Pics had a stall, I said loudly “I didn't know Pics came from NZ!?” The entire market seemed to shout “It doesn't it comes...
  5. scomet

    Keg King Intertap

    We like you coming here.......
  6. scomet

    Equipment For Sale 3 Co2 bottles

    I have seen the following for as low as $59ea new, full! Prices have changed a lot in 10 years....
  7. scomet

    Saving money on home brew

    I amortised the cost of the brewery against the first keg, now my beer costs $1.00 per litre! and it tastes SO much better than mega-swill; Happy Days…..
  8. scomet

    Which Bronzed Brews book to buy?

    Sounds like the way Ron Pattinson writes his books! I'll never buy one of his again either.....
  9. scomet

    Which Bronzed Brews book to buy?

    1887 Cascade Stout and 87Cascade xxxk Pale Ale, he should have called the book Bronzed Brews of NSW!! (Bronzed Brews)
  10. scomet

    Wort oxygenation

    G’day Doc, I aerate my wort through a 1 micron stone and a HEPA filter with a fish tank air pump, works great never had an infection and it’s cheap.. Couple of things to watch, dont get your stone wet prior to inserting in your wort it will dramatically reduce the permeability of the stone (not...
  11. scomet

    Water chemistry help needed!

    Try using this, It works for me every time for me with RO, didn't need to buy a $500 Ph meter but good to know its correct....
  12. scomet

    Ginger beer using beer as a base ?

    DO IT, I love all three! Brews like this you just 'make up' as you go along thats the fun of brewing, let us know how it goes, what can go wrong!?
  13. scomet

    Pride of Ringwood in Savannah GA!

    Dunc, Many plants are poisonous in their 'raw' state but not so cooked! just look at some of the $hit the Japanese eat, and how many deaths they have!!!
  14. scomet

    Pride of Ringwood in Savannah GA!

    They require quite a bit of fertiliser, you will need larger pots soon, dont let them get dry and dont let the dogs eat them, very poisonous! and btw I agree they are a great hop.....
  15. scomet

    Type 30 refill hose

    Hi, I would be a little cautious getting a 22kg CO2 bottle for domestic use , from what I have been told they are covered under the relevant state 'Work-Safe' regulations which are quite onerous. I know someone who uses them in a domestic environment, his shed had to meet full state legislation...
  16. scomet

    How Many Kegs Should I Get?????

    What Mark says, they are a security blanket for brewers...
  17. scomet

    Low Attenuation issues

    Sorry forgot over-pitching, I put about 22g of Notto into a 25L standard beer (buy in bulk savada da money)