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    Hurry up and get here...

    any one else got one, keen to start playing...
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    4 cases of Cooper's Plastic Bottles

    Used once, had grand plans to bottle, stuff that went back to kegs, perfect for takeaways, make an offer on the lot, or fill up one of my post mix kegs with your next batch... ;).. pickup Cranebrook NSW,
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    flooded font & beer cooling..

    cheers lads, the more I think about it the more ill keep the keg in a fridge, the outdoor area I want to set this up backs up to my garage, so may just put a full size fridge in there and run through the walls, etc..
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    flooded font & beer cooling..

    mod now hey, people trust you i see!.. :D .. so run the beer through that 1st?.. fridge or freezer?, i assume freezer no good (freeze beer), so can stash that in a bar fridge?. however will the beer go flat in the lines?.
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    flooded font & beer cooling..

    looking to get my setup back up and running, however want to keep it compact as possible.. can I stand a keg room temp and run it through a flooded font that's kept ice cold with glycol pumped through a small bar freezer?, how will the beer react? think it'll be cold enough?.. one below is what...
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    Try An Ale

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    Beer Labels And Logos

    cheers for the props on the stickers, looking good.. I added some items to my store to make things a more streamlined ( ) - so if any one would like me to make them some sticker, use this link, i will also add more shapes as i go through, ovals, etc.. Also, I had to bring to...
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    Ran Out Of Batz Brewery Stickers !

    cheers mate, thanks for the plug, glad you like em.. a few more printing as I type ;) ...
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    Logo Stickers

    cheers lads, looks like they went quick, happy to pump out some more on the next run, ill chuck in some with every batch also.. bear with me if im not too quick to respond, i knock these out in the down time ;) (helps keep the price down, etc) :)
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    Some Fridges

    ha, funny you should say that, dragged the thing out today (part of the cleanup).. may have to get this thing on the road, finally!..
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    Some Fridges

    plant is ok, was going well then we have some hail and the poor thing didnt like it. looks like shit now, sure it'll grow back... there is no 'thumb' here mate!, just clearing shit that has not being used, time for a tidy up!. these will be on the curb for the steel junkies soon, just thought...
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    Some Fridges

    free to good home, would like to see all 3 go in one hit.. no hardware inc (the bus fridge still has some taps in there) .. only the bus fridge works.. the big one in the shed did work back in the day, now just blows the fuse.. pickup cranebrook nsw, 2749 .. 0423113654.
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    Logo Stickers

    glad to see the stickers are going to work.. I made up a pile of these, who should i send them to for distribution??.. I'll chuck some in each pack from now on..
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    Continuing Jokes Thread

    i got this mate, top bloke.. he has epilepsy.. i bought him a strobe light for christmas, he will have a fit when he sees it..
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    Logo Stickers

    no problem mate, thanks for the props.. at $30 for the 100, its close to the wire however happy to provide the service.. would like to see pics of these on the bottles tho!. ;) still waiting on some artwork for some forum stickers to chuck in the packs?..
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    Chilli Beer - Recipe Ideas Sought

    nice one, lsat time i did this, was a few years back, I grabbed some small chillies, chopped of the top and stuck them in the bottles prior to bottling (this was back before i used kegs) came up a treat.. just one thing i can add, dont pick yer nose after the exercise :D ..
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    Logo Stickers

    hey lads, sorry have not been around, life had taken over the brewing (GASP!).. happy to knock some out for you all. can do 100 stickers for $30 (plus post) just email artwork and I can do the rest, they would be 90mm round/square, etc?..this is using a new machine so the per unit price has come...