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  1. scomet

    Woke up to the smell of Beer!

    Nothing unusual there, not asleep on the Tap Room floor check, omg a leaking keg! nope, thinks; fark, I bottled a batch of Boh-Pils for a mate for Christmas in Grolsch bottles, BOOM! beer everyf*where. I never use glass bottles apart from Champagne, the beer was well fermented stopped at 1006...
  2. scomet

    Can u Brew With Un-Malted Barley

    Sorry, this is a rhetorical question to which I thought the answer was a simple NO! Well, apparently you can. I just drank these three cans of beer from Lucky Bay Brewing in Esperance WA and they tasted very nice, here are the brewery details. I drank the...
  3. scomet

    Thinking of Opening a Boozer?

    Thinking of opening a Boozer? this is a good listen from the bbc - The Food Chain podcast Incidentally we have a Scottish pub down the road set in a small tilt up slab shopping centre, good beer, great food, staggering distance, sells more...
  4. scomet

    Mega Swill or Mega $$$ :-}

    Hi Guys, This is an interesting show, I found it here, I’m sure it has lots of sources. If you haven’t seen a mega beer (swill) factory here is one of the largest, in the UK anyway. For me the most interesting parts are the yeast lab and the canning machine, 5550 cans per minute off 3 lines...
  5. scomet

    Amarillo Hop Help Thx.

    My last brew was an Australian Street Lager (Bia Hoi) to which I added Amarillo 30g at 60m [email protected] and [email protected], no chill, the Amarillo did have a high AA; the ‘beer’ turned out great but the taste from the hops was like drinking lemons! It settled down a bit and was great with chillies… Could some...