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    Cock Ale

    LOL :lol: What kinda mace is it???.. the kind they give to females to spray people in the eyes.. Now i only need a few young cocks to go into my recipe :P Any offers????
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    Yeah i would like to know too.. someone helpp!!!!!
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    Well im thinking if a chat function was implemented.. and people want the useful information.. people should restrict questions to say like a general rule of big complex q's are restricted to the forums.. there wouldn't be a way of policing this.. but as a general rule.. This would keep good...
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    IODOPHOR (IODONE).. Iodine you mean.. Poisionous.. maybe to digest.. good disinfector.. put it on a cut and sting away.. but not iodophor.. iodine maybe.. Ummn hence when you use iodophor in water.. it works and then dies.. So after i think its been said about 10-15 mins it clears up and no more...
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    I just noticed something...

    yeh looks good :P.. maybe some trippy rainbow colours tooo.. nah jking..
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    Cookie on Front Page

    Swweeetness... Good work.. hehe my idea kinda worked i guess :P
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    Creating a cabinet

    Hey all.. Okay.. Working out for my friend a cabinet.. Okay we've come up with a plan.. just wanna know what you all think.. First of all its going to house rooms for 2 fermenters.. maybe insulated or heated.. but carboys will be seperated. Left side of the cabinet will have 2 compartments side...
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    The difference in Brews

    If you did everything exactly the same.. i mean down to say 10grams of each yeah then it could come down to sterilisation.. maybe infection.. not sealing properly.. ummn maybe sifting the malt etc.. ummn if you made it all in one batch and then added the stuff.. or two different batches...
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    A quick suggestion...

    Not that anyone would like this.. but you could always implement a cookie.. so if someone enters the site. once it stores the cookie.. after that it just goes directly to the main page.. well if not.. yeah doesn't really serve a purpose other than to new goers.. Cheers
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    Portal Now Default Page

    Yeh its me again.. Quick comment.. maybe you should put a recipe list on there.. also where they can be discussed in the forums.. as they are now so finalised /variations recipes can be submitted etc.. and all listed.. Yeah nothing really wrong colour theme is good as it is...
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    Im not sure but doesn't chlorine have a staining effect.. I know its a pain in the arse to wash off your skin although it absorbs into your skin even after 2 decent showers you can still smell like chlorine.. the lick and smell effect :P. Lots of people recommend Iodophor or howeva its spelt...
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    Code buttone eg [QUOTE] [CODE]

    Simplifying code.. Fiscus.. I believe lots of people are having troubles with the code buttons.. I got em working cos i have knowledge of html etc and understand whats going on But i believe for the newbs,, and this forum program you might wanna consider if any changes can be made. I know its...
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    Where to buy in melb

    Okay... Going to invest into a setup cos me and my mate wanna get started.. In melb any recommendations preferably eastern suburbs... Okay.. 2.. should i get a plastic carboy.. or one of those ugly looking pails.. preferably.. i think a plastic are better. Also with cooking the wort.. or...
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    temp logging

    Okay i know Dick Smithhyys sells temp data loggers or tools so you can make one.. i know they sell the sensors that can be hooked up.. Otherwise i have no clue.. Maybe something like what they use at those testing towers.. good idea.. but yeaaah.. Hey badg3er im also Ic3man from OCAU :P