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  1. Jack of all biers

    4.6 Schwarzbier

    My Schwarzbier recipe. It is a good recipe that I reckon hits the mark for Schwarzbier. It could drop the Caramunich II, and up the Munich II, but I like a more malty flavour so horse's and courses. Grain Bill for 25L batch Malt type EBC...
  2. Jack of all biers

    pH rising during boil

    The title is to grab your attention, but it is also accurate. I didn't want to post this in Adjuncts or Equipment streams as I am not sure it is either. Since I purchased a pH meter last year, I have been religiously recording the pH of the various stages of my brews and have noticed that...
  3. Jack of all biers

    Hop alternatives - replacement suggestions

    Whilst there are some threads with direct questions and answers about specific hops, I thought I'd start a new thread as the info I located covers a few different hops. Long story short, I found this list when looking for something else and thought it may be of interest to some on this forum...
  4. Jack of all biers

    Invert sugar in a Milk Stout

    I've just made up 500gm of invert candy syrup with added black strap molases with great liquorice/carmel/candy flavours and want to use it in a Milk Stout I'm planning to brew for the old man. The recipe I was planning to use (before making the invert syrup) was from Graham Wheelers "Brew...
  5. Jack of all biers

    Sparge/Efficiency issues

    Hi all, I made up a Schwarzbier yesterday (public holiday :D ) with a 5.15kg grain bill - 3 Kg Pilsner malt, 1.5kg Munich malt, 250gm Caraspecial II, 200gm Meloiden malt, 200gm Caramunich II. Stepped infusion mash schedule of 52C 20mins at ratio 2L/Kg, with additions of liquior to increase to...