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    With Facebook and everything, Im surprised AHB is still a thing! I'm really glad it is!

    Hey guys. It's been a long time. Been through a few ups and downs the last few years. Are there many old school members on here still? I'm getting back into breastfeeding again! (I mean brewing...... Funking autocucumber)😄 I have a machine and sheet metal shop at my disposal again! All...

    Hello Brewers.....

    Hey guys, new to the brewing game, want to get started on a knk that will taste as good as Heineken or Something really close to corona. Any tips, Advice???

    _wallace_'s Sales - Southside Brisbane

    Hi Guys, Over the next few days im getting rid of some of my HB gear. First up. Hop Pellets. These have spent all their time in the freezer since their purchase (all are 90g packets from craftbrewer). 1 x Waimea (NZ - 2012) AA15.8% 1 x Bramling Cross (UK - 2012) AA6.0% 2 x EKG (UK - 2012)...

    Carbonated Yeast Starter

    Hey guys, I'm putting down a cider, I dumped a couple of sachets of US05 in a bottle of apple juice and forgot about it. I woke up this morning and the bottle looked like it was gonna blow. When i slowly released the pressure it seemed to be carbonated. Is this gonna be a tip it and start again...

    Using an over the side immersion heater to sanitise fermenters

    I have been toying with the idea to use an immersion element to boil-sanitise my fermenters instead of using home brand bleach, starsan, ect. Has anyone ever done something like this before? If you have, how effective was it? If you haven't, what are your thoughts? Cheers.

    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Just out of curiosity, Have and AHB'ers been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Edit: Spolleng

    Queensland Pale Ale

    I popped into the local yesterday and noticed they had a QLD Pale Ale on tap that i have never seen before. At $6.00 a schooner i had to try a couple. When i asked who made the beer he said XXXX (I presume he meant Lion Nathon / Cattlemaine Perkins). I cant find anything about this new beer on...

    Humming KK Element

    Just a quick Q. Has anyone had a KegKing Element that makes your Kettle hum? I know they are worthless pieces of shit and all. Is it a harmonic frequency or something? has anyone else had the same problem?

    Are you a hoarder?

    SWMBO and I are moving in the next couple of months. I started going through my shed and the amount of gear I have accumulated over the last few years is astronomical. Just stuff I saw and thought "I'll use that next time...." The amount of buckets, brass and stainless fittings, hoses, pots and...

    DIY Weldless Counter Flow Chiller (CFC) for a bit over $50

    For Xmas I got a $50 Bunnings gift card. I knew straight away what I wanted to do, build a counterflow chiller. But I needed to construct it in a way that the parts did not need welding. This is what I came up with: Bits and pieces: Hose: Assembled hose ends: Completed Assembly, Cable...

    Strawberry, Oaked-Rum Port Project

    I'm getting in early in the planning stages of a port i wish to make. I want to fortify this with OP Bundy Rum which will be soaked in the oak barrel i am going to age the port in. Recipe: Strawberry-Rum Port - 5L 2kg fresh strawberries, frozen and thawed. 1-2kg White sugar / Dextrose - to...

    FS Brisbane - 32 Jet Mongolian Burner

    Hi Guys, I Bought a 32 Jet Mongolian Burner a couple of years ago That i'm getting rid of (If you don't use it you lose it :) ). Brand New Never Used with Stand. I'm asking $125 Pick Up, I paid about $70 more for memory. I don't have any photos, as its buried in the back of the shed. Pm me...

    Rice starch

    Hi all, Just a quick question about using rice as an adjunct. It is the starch (white gloopy stuff when its cooked) that we are converting isn't it? If so is there any reason why we can't strain it off after cooking and collect/freeze it, and when we are ready to use it add it directly to the mash?

    Notto Yeast - 1.040 to 1.008in 48hrs?

    I put a brew down on friday arvo (simple grain bill, blah blah) as a keg filler and pitched a 500ml starter of nottingham yeast. I checked the gravity 10 mins ago and its down to 1.010 already. I know notto is a monster in the fermenter but is this possible? fermented at 20oC.

    Calling fridge techs

    I scored a fridge off the boss for zilch. i made a couple of measurements and it seems i'm about 10-15mm short of squeezing a corny with disconnects height wise. if that was all good, i could shoehorn 4 of the buggers in it. i'll throw up a couple of photos, if i can trim some off the top and...

    qld weather jan 2013

    hey guys, weather is pretty bad here in capalaba. god knows what its like elsewhere.. hope everyone is safe. i cant drive atm, but i hope those that have to are going to keep safe and well. stay safe. _WALLACE_

    Has anyone else had trouble with SPER?

    Hi guys. This morning i was done for driving on a SPER (State Penalties Enforcement Register) Suspended Licence for an unpaid fine/SPER fees which i swear i had paid while paying other bills.. This has me going to court in feb. Has anyone else have had trouble with SPER not sending out...

    Bag or Ghetto Malt Pipe?

    I Recently scored a 18Gal Keg I plan to use as a Single Vessel Recirc. Setup. Just after some feedback on the ol' bag VS malt pipe debate. Malt pipe will just be a 20L Handy Pail from bunnings with a umpteen-billion holes drilled in the lid, Recirc-Tube fed through the lid directly to the...

    Seq Grain Bulk Buy

    Hey guys, I want to organise a Bulk buy for pickup probably in feb. Just 1 pallet should be enough, if we need more we will see if a second can be filled. Normal rules: No splits unless you want to organise it between yourselves. CraftBrewer Bulk Grain Prices Quote the order, enter your...

    F.s. - Brodie Sediment Extractors

    Up for grabs is a box of 13 x "Brodies SED EX BREWING" Sediment extractors. I won them in a friday night raffle yonks ago at a gold coast pub before i even started brewing. I have accidentally broken a couple of them ( hence why there is only 13) More info can be found at: