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    QLD AHB Xmas Case 2005

    And even kit brewers ?????, whats that Baz. Im a kit brewer . Here we go again, second class citizens on this forum.
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    Advice Needed - Two Can Brew

    Bring out the hogs and the duellin banjos Batz.
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    Advice Needed - Two Can Brew

    Will give you a stubbie or two of it to try when we catch up Batz . Save it for a cold night mate. :beer:
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    Advice Needed - Two Can Brew

    Ahbdlamb, you wanna stout with over 7% a/v. Made this last october with this winter in mind and its just starting to come good. 2 Cans Coopers stout. 1Kg Muntons dry dark malt 200gr dark brown sugar 150gr lactose Safale yeast 23lt water. At bulk priming [if you bottle] add 50ml of Tia Maria...
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    A Few Jokes That I Head At The Club Last Night

    Hey fellars , whats Chapelles favourite song. "BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE" :party:
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    A Few Jokes That I Head At The Club Last Night

    Back to the jokes. An Irish golfer goes church and to confession . he tells the priest . Father I used the lords name in vain and cursed him whist playing golf today, the priest answered. Look Im a keen golfer myself and understand the situation well , tell me what happened. Well father on the...
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    A Beer For Schapelle

    Didnt know her brothers nickname is Dingo . ;)
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    What To Do With A Can Of Tooheys Draught Lager?

    Hey Oddball, why dont you use it for that beer can BBQ chicken recipe on one of the posts a few weeks ago. Apperently you stick a half can of beer up the chickens arse andf sit it on the BBQ for an hour or there abouts. Suppose to come out nice and juicy. :P :chug: :beer:
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    Gmk In Queensland

    Yeh well, Batz Im not far from where youre setting up the brewery and you can always count me in on a good piss up and if you want a hand organising it just yell. I know a few hotels locally with cheap accomodation if you want to make a weekend of it. :beer: :chug: :beer: :chug:
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    Fosters Buying Southcorp

    Oh come on fellars, Southcorp owns Penfolds . Grange , Bin707, 389, St Henri, St George, some of the biggest vineyards in Coonawarra, Barossa, Hunter. With that portfollio they make the best and most expensive reds in Aussie.
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    Who Named This Ship?

    Good name for a gay cruise ship.
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    Calling All Sunshine Coast Ag Brewers

    I heard its small and very basic Batz. Heard there is 1 or 2 good ones around Caboolture/Morayfield, thats about half way to brissy from you.
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    Calling All Sunshine Coast Ag Brewers

    Meminds me of my wife Batz. She grows nice plants in the garden but wont head. :P :P :P Looking foward to meeting you in a couple of month. Tallgum.
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    Who Makes Malt

    Just Google it PoMo . "Joe White Maltings". Biggest malters in Aussie.
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    Who Makes Malt

    Joe White Maltings
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    That Feeling Of Satisfaction!

    Just finished putting down a big stout for winter, Expecting an og around 1070. bastard,s reading 1082 and have checked it twice in the last 1/2 hours. Feels good, fingers crossed. :chug:
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    New Beers For New Micro

    I believe you Ray, But shit , I use to drive 1100km down to Sydney every 3 months and look foward to having a bock at Picton when I got there. PHUUUck , what now. :angry: :angry: :angry:
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    New Beers For New Micro

    Sad to hear that Ray, What a pity to stuff up a good micro thats been operating so good for so long, Last time I was down there a few months ago they had a german brewer making decent beer. I suppose old Geoff has had his day and all good things must come to an end. Pity.
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    New Beers For New Micro

    Ray, your'e not that far from Geoff Scharer's Pub at Picton. As you know he's been making two good beers and a light for 10 years with great success. A lager and a bock. Nothing else but consistently two good beers. Would like to know what that micro is worth now.$$$$ Millions$$$$$.
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    Exhibit 1 In The Michael Jackson Trial

    Shit thats funny.