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  1. Bald Head Brewery

    Epic fail

    Watching day 1 of the Boxing Day test so I thought I'd put down a brew. All was going well through the mash until I went to lift the grain out. As this was occurring we got a wicket, due to this i lost what I was doing and let go of the handle. Nearly all of the grain went back in the brew. Did...
  2. Bald Head Brewery

    Hop ideas for pale ale

    Merry Christmas all. The attached photo are the hops i have left in the fridge. Any ideas on combinations for a brew up today
  3. Bald Head Brewery

    What hops go with hops

    Evening all. Can someone point me in the direction i might be able to find some information on what hops are best to go with each other. Thanks in advance. BHB
  4. Bald Head Brewery

    body assistance

    Hi all, My question relates to and this might sound weird but the middle taste to my beer. I'm guessing body. I have my pale and extremely happy with the aroma and finished taste however it feels like there is something missing from the middle flavors. any ideas on improving this if it makes...
  5. Bald Head Brewery


    Evening all, My wife purchased a 2nd hand keg system for me. I have since purchased a new keg for it and have enjoyed my first beer from this. I am just about to put down my second brew into the 2nd hand keg. I have just filled with water to test for leaks, well leaks is an understatement...
  6. Bald Head Brewery

    Pitching a second packet of yeast

    Afternoon all, Just a question, I've heard yeast can 'die' if you pitch it too hot. With both my brews I've pitched at 18 and had no issues but I'm wondering if this were to occur and the yeast didn't ferment can you save it by adding a second lot of yeast? Regards BHB
  7. Bald Head Brewery

    1st brew in the fermenter

    Here is what I've put into my 1st brew, Pale Ale Can. (Can't remember brand) 600g LME 200g Dextrose 200g Lactose 150g Crystal Grain Amarillo Hop Safale US-05 Yeast All purchased from country brewer
  8. Bald Head Brewery

    New and excited.

    Hi all, New to this brewing caper, first brew was successful but I have a question about non fermenting beer. If my brew doesn't start to ferment can I rack it into another fermenter to try and activate the yeast? Regards Baldy