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  1. vlbaby

    RecipeDB - Vic Swap American Brown Ale

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  2. vlbaby

    RecipeDB - Lamb Grove Pilsener

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  3. vlbaby

    Head Space In A Cube

    I've recently started to do my secondary/lagering/cc'ing in plastic cubes, and I have a concern about the potential for oxidisation using these containers. Typically when I would rack a brew to this container I would squeeze the sides to purge out the air and then lock the lid. However...
  4. vlbaby

    3 Ring Burner And Reg For Sale

    I bought this burner new with the intent of using it for a direct heated mash, but instead I settled on a herms. Its been fired up ( for 20 min or so), but never really used. If somebody wants it, $40 and it yours. Pickup from Hoppers Crossing, or maybe from my work at Clayton if that suits...
  5. vlbaby

    Homebrewers Beard

    In my travels and adventures as a homebrewer, I have made an interesting observation. There's seems to be, in brewing circles, a larger proportion of bearded guys than in normal population. Maybe I'm not a real brewer till I have a beard AND a march pump, so I got to know how many bearded vs...
  6. vlbaby

    Vic Xmas Anytime Case.

    G'day fellas, I've been reading the 'Xmas in july Case' threads that the guys from nsw/qld/sa etc have started, but I haven't seen anything for VIC yet. Is there any other vic brewers keen on doing something similar? It seems like such a great way to try out some new varietys of beer styles...
  7. vlbaby

    Question About High Gravity Worts

    Gday guys, I'm thinking of tackling a AG high gravity beer next, but a question has come to mind that i have been unable to find the answer for. My recipe calls for 10kg of grain to make 25L at 1.088SG. If I was making an ordinary beer, 10 KG of grain would make close to 50L of beer if i...
  8. vlbaby

    Herms Alternative

    I just thought i would share my latest brew setup improvement with you guys. I was previously running a fairly normal herms setup (copper coil inside the HLT), but i found a number limitations that have prompted me to make some changes. The concept is still pretty much the same except that i...
  9. vlbaby

    Saaz Pellets For Aroma

    On my mission to brew the perfect pilsner I have struck an unlikely obstacle. I have been mainly bittering with NB hops or even POR, then using saaz pellets for aroma, flavour and even dry hopping. However, all three attempts at this beer, although coming with fairly good results, have an...
  10. vlbaby

    Protective Layer Of C02 On Fermenting Wort

    This question has bugged me for a while, and I cannot find anywhere on the net except for brewing sites where it says co2 forms a bacterial protective layer. I personally can understand it forming a layer that will protect against oxidisation since the c02 is much heavier than oxygen. But the...
  11. vlbaby

    Storing Iodophor In Kegs

    In the interest of being a tight arse, i was wondering if a solution of iodophor was stored in a sealed keg, how long would it last before becoming ineffective at sterilising? I was thinking of storing my kegs when unused by completely filling them with iodophor, then when the next keg becomes...
  12. vlbaby

    Beer Floaties

    g'day guys, I've had a pils in lager for the last 2 weeks and i have went to check on it this arvo and noticed something floating on the surface that i havent seen before. It almost looks like oily grain husk, but i doubt it is because the brew has been racked once already. I did a taste/smell...
  13. vlbaby

    Ahb Gallery And Recipe Page

    I was just thinking, how great it was to have a working photo gallery and recipe page before this website went through its upgrades 6 months ago. I for one have been patiently awaiting its return, checking on occasion to see if it might be working yet. Each time however i am greated with the...
  14. vlbaby

    Counter Flow Chillers

    g'day guys, I have been using a CFC since day one of AG brewing and it has been on my mind for while that maybe the cold break that obviously enters the fermenter might be diminishing the quality of the beer. I always end up with a considerable amount of cold break at the bottom of the fermenter...
  15. vlbaby

    Japanese Kegs

    I'm over in Japan for work at the moment, and couldnt help to notice the size of the kegs over here. They are only 15 litre and so short. They still have the same shape as ours, but just heaps smaller. I reckon i stack three on top of one another in my fridge. Only prob is that they are still...
  16. vlbaby

    Switching Back To Batch Sparging

    I did a batch of IPA on saturday and decided after reading some recents posts here, that i would try batch sparging again. I have to say, I really dont know why i switched to fly sparging in the first place now. My brew day went so smoothly doing it this way. No more running back and forth to...
  17. vlbaby

    Herms System Concerns

    G'day guys, My new herms system had its maiden brew day a couple of weeks ago, and for most part everything went well. However I have a couple of things that have been bugging me and i havent been able to find an answer on google. My first question relates to the pump in the herms system. Does...
  18. vlbaby

    Ahb Forum Problems

    Hi guys, Can someone help me sort out my AHB settings. I have come back to my computer yesterday to check AHB and it is displaying the post and replys differently to before. It is now looking like this and i dont know how to correct it. Does anyone know what i've done wrong? Thanks vlbaby.
  19. vlbaby

    Melbourne Water Quality

    Hi guys, I have recently been planning to do myself an All grain pilsner, and seeing the way my last couple of brews ended I thought this time I would do everything 'by the book'. I went to the science supply store and bought a pack of pH indicators and checked firstly the tap waters pH. The...
  20. vlbaby

    My New Brew Stand

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd post a pic of my brew stand in progress. I bought myself a cheap welder ( ebay) and thought i'd have a go at welding it up myself. As far as my welding goes, well it leaves a lot to be desired, but it's nothing a grinder cant fix up. And I think i might have to add a...