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    Creating a cabinet

    Hey all.. Okay.. Working out for my friend a cabinet.. Okay we've come up with a plan.. just wanna know what you all think.. First of all its going to house rooms for 2 fermenters.. maybe insulated or heated.. but carboys will be seperated. Left side of the cabinet will have 2 compartments side...
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    Code buttone eg [QUOTE] [CODE]

    Simplifying code.. Fiscus.. I believe lots of people are having troubles with the code buttons.. I got em working cos i have knowledge of html etc and understand whats going on But i believe for the newbs,, and this forum program you might wanna consider if any changes can be made. I know its...
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    Where to buy in melb

    Okay... Going to invest into a setup cos me and my mate wanna get started.. In melb any recommendations preferably eastern suburbs... Okay.. 2.. should i get a plastic carboy.. or one of those ugly looking pails.. preferably.. i think a plastic are better. Also with cooking the wort.. or...