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    Help- Stuck Rice Lager

    Hi all My Rice Lager seems to be stuck. I believe brew day went well. I started fermenting 4/12/21 and it now day 8. I'm brewing under pressure 15psi at around 19 degrees. It took off within 8 hours of pitching a 2 litre yeast starter that was on stir plate for 3 days. SG was 1.046 by day 2 it...

    Which Bronzed Brews book to buy?

    Hi I already own 6 O'clock Brews and looking to buy at least one other book by Peter Symons. I'm currently in the process of making the 1942 Cascade Sparkling Ale from 6 O'clock Brews. I'm interested in brewing a post 1950's Cascade Beer. Ideally something from either 70's or 80's. I can't see...

    1800s Cascade Pale Ale recipe

    Hi all I have been informed there is a 1800s Cascade Pale Ale recipe in a book or floating around. Does anyone have it, I'd love to have a crack this weekend. Thanks in advance

    Hobart Water Help

    Hi all This water stuff is doing my head in, I think I'm fairly up to speed in other areas of brewing but this really confuses me. I found a old water report from several years ago from this forum in the Hobart Group, but not sure how to put it into Ezy Water and really not sure what additions...

    Hobart Water- Additions Help

    Hi all This water stuff is doing my head in, I think I'm fairly up to speed in other areas of brewing but this really confuses me. I found a old water report from several years ago from this group, but not sure how to put it into Ezy Water and really not sure what additions I need. Is anyone...

    Mead starting gravity

    Hi I'm brewing a mead for a mate. I'm a fairly experienced home brewer (beer) Followed a recipe on YouTube. 5 litre batch 1.5kg honey Mead yeast Tanic tea- orange peel, raisins, black tea. Getting a SG is hard, no matter how hard I shake and mix the must it doesn't seem to fully disovle, as...

    Help: AG AUS Lager. Do you need starter & Lagering

    Hi guys I don't have my recipe with me right now but I'm planning a all grain 20l aussie lager using pils malt and some dextrose and WLP Copenhagen Lager Yeast. Around 1050og My questions are this, because aussie beers state there an ale but mostly use lager yeasts: Do you need to make a...

    Corny Keg gas leak, help pls.

    Hi I have 2nd hand 19l ex pin lock that I bought new ball lock posts for. Everything seemed fine when I tested however now I have got a small leak at the bottom of the gas post. I replaced all o rings when I bought it but I forgot about the little gas inlet and the o ring so I used the...

    Connection help for wort chiller

    Hi guys I have searched everywhere for a answer but I can't find anything. Apologies if I missed it here. I have a 3/8 SS wort chiller that I want to get some compression fittings for although I don't know what to buy. Can someone tell me what I need to buy, I don't mind you send me bunnings...

    Mini Keg refill question

    Hi Sorry if this has been asked before but I searched and couldn't find an answer. Its probably a stupid question. I got a mini keg for my birthday from a relative and I recently purchased another 4L empty mini keg so that I can have 2. In a pinch e.g in between brew days when I would...

    5 Litre Cider Yeast question

    Hey I'm quite an experienced All Grain BEER Brewer, having a little dabble in Cider. I'm thinking of doing a small 5 Liter Batch of Cider using organic apple juice. I'm using Mangrove Jacks M02 Cider yeast, 96 net weight. The directions on the yeast say: Sprinkle contents directly on top of...

    Glass Demijohn any good as a Fermenter

    Hey I was told my my LHBS that the 23l Glass Carboys are no longer in production because a man who broke his and subsequently cut himself on the glass and tried to sue the company, and hence they don't make them anymore. He told me that I would have to go a glass demijohn. The demijohns don't...

    Using Cherrys in Beer

    Hi guys I can't seems to find answer to this question. I'm about to do a Cherry Wheat beer. I have some frozen Cherrys and was wondering how should I put the cherrys in the beer. Do I put them in whole/frozen, whole/thawed or do I puree them. What is the best way to make use of the Cheery...

    Little Creatures Bright Ale help please

    Hey all I did try and post this on the thread about Tony's Bright Ale recipe but it said I did not have permission. I loved the bright ale when I tried it a few weeks back, and now it’s my mission to try and make something very similar. I will be doing a 20L BIAB all grain. I was wondering...

    Cascade Pale Ale- Help

    If this is in the wrong thread feel free to move it. I would like to make a Cascade Pale Ale clone as a house ale as most of my friends enjoy it. I would like to my a 19L all grain batch. I wrote to Cascade and this is what they told me "Malt, hay and fruit on the nose before...

    HELP- Crown seal capping on screw top bottles

    I recently brought a bench capper and crown seals. The bulk of the bottles I have are twist/screw top bottles from Cascade, Boags, CUB etc. When I go to cap these bottles they don’t seem to be very tight and you can twist them off fairly easy. The caps themselves are also a little flared. I’m...

    White Sugar Instead Of Dex ?

    Hey all I'm planning to make another Brigalow Cider, my first attempt turned out quite well by all reports. I want a slightly sweeter taste next time, so Im going to toss in some lactose, on top of the kit and 3l of juice. However on a local homebrew website mentions to add white sugar...

    What Hop Is This?

    Hey Guys This is a wild hop that grows near my parents place in New Norfolk Tasmania (20 min from Bushy Park). Its been there ever since I was a kid. But since I have got into Home Brewing I would love to use it but I'm not sure what variety it is hence I dont know how I should use it. It...

    Why Re-culturing Coopers Commercial Yeast?

    Hey guys This has probably been answered about a million times before but I can't find the answer. I want to know what's the benefits of re-culturing coopers yeast? Does it taste better? I was thinking of doing it for my next Pale Ale home brew, how many Pale Ale 375ml stubbies worth of yeast...

    Crystal Malt Substitution For Ldm

    Hey I'm about to do a Cooper Pale Ale, I got the tin plus I have a packet of Dextrose or a packet of 75% Dextrose & 25% Corn Syrup. Not sure which packet to use, any advice? I don't have any LDM but what I do have is about 1kg of Cystal Malt Grain. I was going to add some fresh grains in...