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  1. philistine

    Beer motivated trip to Belgium... anyone been there?

    Hey Dudes, I'll be in Germany at the end of November for a mates wedding and was thinking of taking a train to Brussels and spending a day or two there doing a bit of beer tourism before heading back home. Anyone been there before? Anyone got friends there who also like beer and like showing...
  2. philistine

    looking for NEIPA hop suggestions

    Hey dudes, Im gonna brew somethign today.. thinking something resembling a NEIPA. Just looking for some hopping advice... when, what, how etc. I've got: Simcoe Galaxy Citra Motueka Cascade (home grown, whole cones) Willamette Hallertau Saaz brewing no-chill style thanks in advance!
  3. philistine

    I made an app to work out gravity corrections

    Hey Dudes, Dunno if this is the right place to post this... Anyway, I fell short of my target gravity on a brew day recently and thought there'd be a simple way to work out how much DME to add to correct it. Lots of googling brought up a lot of discussion threads in various forums and articles...
  4. philistine

    Am I able to upload a file to share with other members?

    Hey, So I made a really simple spreadsheet that works as a calculator for working out gravity corrections in post-boil wort with DME/DEX/Sugar additions. I was hoping I could upload it somehow to share with other members. Is there a way to do that within the AHB site? Thanks in advance!
  5. philistine

    The effect of ramp/soak times on efficiency

    Hey Beer Dudes, Last year I built myself a 3v HERMS rig (actually 4v) with PID controllers. Prior to that I was just using a 19l bev cooler as a mash tun with no circulation or tmep control and if I wanted to do step mashes, it had to be a boiling water infusion sitcho to hit step temps. My new...
  6. philistine

    Mangrove Jack Yeast (in general)

    What are peoples general opinions of Mangrove Jacks dry yeasts? For some reason I just have this completely unfounded opinion that they are in some way inferior to say white labs or wyeast or fermentis stuff.... The only one Ive tried was a hefe strain and tbh the beer wasnt that great, but Im...
  7. philistine

    adding a wifi enabled alarm to a PID

    Hey DuDes, I built a 4v HERMS rig last year and I've well and truly dialled it in and have it running like a charm. Now that its finished and I don't have anything to tinker with any more, I wanna try and find a way to tinker with it. My control panel is fairly simple and uses an Auber ramp/soak...
  8. philistine

    Brewing with pure lupulin?

    Hey so after dealing with this years harvest, ive got about a heaped tablespoon of pure lupulin. I wanna put it into a brew as a dry-hop addition. Has anyone done it before? Im sure they have, so i guess I actually should ask- was it good? Is a heaped tablespoon enough to use on its own and...
  9. philistine


  10. philistine

    DIY Pellets/Plugs?

    Hey dudes Just picked a crap load of hops and once dried and cured, I wanna try to form them into compact pellet/plug type things. Im sure this has been discussed before and a quick consultation of the google confirms this - but I specifically wanna hear from anyone who's tried it... Basically...
  11. philistine

    Cider making, Keeving method - Anyone tried it?

    Hey dudes, Ive ramped up my cider making considerably this year and now that ive built my own scratter and press, im geeking out on it HARD BRO Anyway, wondering if anyone’s tried keeving before? How did it go? Did you use calcium chloride? Did you use the enzyme? All the things? Real keen to...
  12. philistine

    Best way to take odour out of plastic gear?

    Hey dudes, Has anyone got tips on getting odours/flavours out of plastic gear? (ie. buckets and cubes) We've got a place nearby that makes sauces and the like and they palm off big food grade buckets and cubes really cheap - I think $3 for a 25lt cube from memory. Anyway, I need to acquire a few...
  13. philistine

    Barrel aging - when to transfer?

    Afternoon All, Ive got this imperial porter in the fermenter and its destined for barrel aging. Ive never done it before and just wondering if its best to transfer from fermenter to barrel before or after fermentation is finished? Im just thinking that racking into the barrel while there's...
  14. philistine

    Will old apples still carry viable wild yeast?

    Hey all, Just picked up a batch of apple juice straight out of the press from a local orchard with the intention of doing a natural/wild ferment cider in a wooden barrel. I've used juice from this orchard and successfully made wild ferment ciders a few times now - but never this late in the...
  15. philistine

    Brewing with cacao question

    Morning all, Im halfway through fermting an imperial porter and will be adding cacao nibs to the barrel post-ferment. Ive had the nibs soaking in rum for the last two weeks. Ive just started filtering the mixture and now have some freaking amazing rum-choc extract. Question is, should i throw...
  16. philistine

    21lt x 1.082 wort PLUS 600gm DME = ?

    Struggling with some simple brew math here. Ive tried googling and just cant seem to find a way to work this out. I want to add enough DME to 21 litres of 1.082 wort to bring it to 1.092 The only way I could think of was to mock up a recipe in brewers friend that gave me a 21 liter batch at...
  17. philistine

    How to put Rum'n'Raisin flavours in a brew...?

    Dudes, Im looking for tips on introducing rum n raisin flavours into a brew. How do? When do? How Much? When Much? etc etc to be more specific, im getting an ex-bourbon barrel and although my end-game plan for the barrel has nothing to do with beer, it seems a shame not to use it for some kind...
  18. philistine

    What styles work well with rain water?

    Hey all, I'm not big on water chemistry when it comes to brewing. In fact, I actually have no f*ing idea and so I filter my tap water and consider that whole issue "sorted". Anyway, without going too far into the whole thing, just wondering if there's a bit of a consensus regarding beer styles...
  19. philistine

    "Drago" gas ring ?

    Hey dudes, Ive been wanting to upgrade my standard 3 ring gas burner for a while. I just want a bit more output - aenough to do a double (50-60lt) batch comfortably is what im aimjng for. Ive got a variable high pressure regulator, but you can only push a 3 ring burner so far..... Anyway, i saw...
  20. philistine

    Additional yeast for bottle conditioning...?

    I've got a batch of barrel aged golden sour thats about a year old now. For the last 3- months its been sitting on fruit and its about time I bottled the stuff. Am I gunna need to add yeast to the bottles to get it carbed up? If so, how much and how should I do it? Just add a bit of dry yeast...