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  1. Beermonster

    Session IPA; hop schedule

    So the oxymoron of beer styles, the session IPA. I've Googled some people's attempts at this style and the general consensus is to use all Vienna malt. This one I'll be doing a 38L batch using 5kg Vienna 1Kg Munich, and 1kg LDME to boost (maybe adding 500g Rye, undecided, comments sought)...
  2. Beermonster

    Pouring beer from kegs above 4-5 Deg C

    Okay, so I think I already know the answer to this based on my efforts to enjoy Kegged beer at what I consider drinkable temps. I've tried to google the queries below, but nothing I've found really gets to the bottom of the issue. I think most homebrewers lean towards ale styles more often than...
  3. Beermonster

    Brew in Kettle on Trub - seeking thoughts

    One of the best things about Homebrewing is freedom to experiment, break the rules and oftentimes make shortcuts that save time with little to no impact on the finished product. I've Googled brewing in the kettle, and brewing with high amounts of Trub, but what I've done is pitch hydrated US-05...