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    Quarrymans Hotel Pyrmont, NSW

    Cnr Harris n Pyrmont Bridge rd It used to be a traditional old timers swill pub but was sold quite a few (6?) months ago and has been closed while under renovation. It has re-opened this week and has 100% AU beers, mostly nsw craftbrew, pints (avg $10)& half-pints. The current range includes...
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    The future of Beer labels

    These arent real but I wish they would be. Perhaps in a couple years ... originally from :
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    Chilli Sauces, inner Sydney

    I occasionally buy fresh ground spices and palm sugar from Fiji Market on the St Peters end of King st, for curries and chilli con carne etc. Last visit they had spring cleaned some of the shelves and had a lot of new chilli sauces from OS in the back corner. i bought a couple of bottles to try...
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    Syd: Cheap Headstart Glasses By The Box

    For those in Sydney, the Hospitality store on Parra rd Camperdown has a clearance sale on various items including some glassware. Boxes of 285ml Headstart Arcoroc (x72) are $20 ea, usually around $100. There was about 8 boxes of Washington & 10 of Pils style. There was a couple of boxes of 425ml...
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    Murrays @ Manly 1 Jan

    A few of us are going to Murrays new venue at Manly around lunchtime tmw 1Jan12 for lunch & a few beers. All welcome. cheers
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    Isb Big Brew Day (may/june) 2011

    The next big brew day will be in next few weeks, just sorting out the date now. The recipe will be a partigyle of a Scotch Ale & a Heavy. There is still a few cubes of the Heavy available, so post in this thread if your interested. cheers
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    Sydney Octoberfest 2010 - Concordia

    from Oktoberfest 2010 Fri 24/9 from 4pm, Sat 25/9 & Sun 26/9 from 11am Fri 1/10 from 4pm, Sat 2/10 & Sun 3/10 from 11am Oktoberfest * Oktoberfest tent * Top Oktoberfest Band * German Schuhplattler dancers * Four German beers...
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    My Finger Hurtz

    Where is this pub ?? my finger hurtz too ! :D
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    Decor Plastic Containers On Special

    Was shopping at Coles tonight and found : 50% OFF DECOR Offer applies to: Tellfresh, Gelati and Microsafe range only On sale: 23 Oct (Wed) - 29 Oct (Wed) good for storing specialty grains & lunches ... :) cheers
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    Isb Oct Meet

    Barls is currently OS hand picking beers to bring back, in between his JD tour & tastings. He is offering to host a meet on the Sat 18th Oct8 at his place. He will have some afformentioned US of A beers as well as 1 or 2 from Potters. He has a bbq, thou could also just go 5min up the road to...
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    McChouffe Dark Ale, strong, spicy, lightly hoppy, with evoluting taste. Natural Beer, bottle refermented, unfiltered, not pasteurised and without any additives Very mellow, easy drinking, or more appropriately a sipping beer, due to the 8% alc. Ive...
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    Camperdown Cellars (parra rd) have some Marzen Schlenkela Smokebeer from Bamberg on special for $5/0.5l. I think its usually $8. Dont tell anyone else outside ISB ;)
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    Wine Cellars & Home Brewing - Smh

    " aficionados have discovered that the best beer money can buy can't match the taste of a well-made home- brew."
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    Cca Buys Blue Tongue

    "COCA-COLA Amatil has continued its expansion into the alcoholic beverages market with the purchase of John Singleton's Bluetongue Brewery,"
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    Nsw Xmas Case 2007 - Recipes

    As my contribution was reviewed early, thought i would kick off this thread for those that want to share recipes & notes : #28 English Bitter based on a recipe from ahb recipeDB. Modified to available ingredients :) for 40l dbl batch 6.5kg JW Ale 0.4 JW wheat 0.1 roast (no crystal...
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    Unibroue In Syd

    Camperdown cellars on parra rd now have 6 diff Unibroue beers in both 750 & 330ml. prices $13 - $17 for the 750ml. cheers
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    Weihenstephan Glasses @vintage Cellars

    vintage cellars have some nice imported german beers on special for octo fest. if u buy 4 Weihenstephan 500ml, u get 1 500ml glass. Its not obvious from the pic, but it has a swirl in the bottom 2/3 similar to the paulaner weisbeer 500ml glasses in another thread. Also they have Schofferhoffer &...
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    Oct Meet ?

    I know its a bit far away but thought the Amatos Beer Fest on Sat 13 Oct might be ok for a meet. Taste a few beers, perhaps pickup a few select items then maybe retire elsewhere ? just a suggestion... anyone else been to one before ? cheers
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    Isb Sackville Aug

    There was an email from Mike about visiting the Sackville to sample the Murrys Blonde. Was that this sat 4aug7 ? who was interested ? should this be an open invite for syd ahb ? cheers
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    Isb Belgian Blonde Brew Temp

    Ive put down my belgian blonde from the big brewday fermenting with croz's 1388. i thought the ideal temp was 25+ but its been cool lately & sitting outside its been around 21. So put it in a garbo with some warm water, but that doesnt seem to stay warm long. For the 1st time, im actually...