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  1. migi

    Opinions Imperial Stout

    Hi guys, Planning a small brew for this weekend (5L), what do you think about this Imperial Stout recipe? Original Gravity: 1.095 Final Gravity: 1.023 IBU (Tinseth): 85 BU/GU: 0.90 Color: 78 EBC Mash Temperature — 65 °C — 60 min Mash Out — 75 °C — 10 min Malts (2.316 kg) 1.55 kg (66.9%) —...
  2. migi

    About adding hops to the boiling wort

    Hi guys, Last week I did my first partial mash biab, basically what I did: 1)Normal-mash biab in 11L (19L-pot, ~3Kg of grain) 2)add part of the LME before start to boil 3)Boild&add the hops and 4)Add more LME and water until reach 21L or my target OG (1.062). I made the mistake of expect a 75...
  3. migi

    Yeast starter with wheat DME for a no-wheat beer.

    Hi guys, Probably silly question. I was planning to do a yeast starter for a strong pale ale (Original Gravity: 1.069) but in the last moment I realized I didn't have light DME, only wheat DME so finally I used that one. Now I am waiting a day or two but I am not sure if I can use the starter...
  4. migi

    First BIAB! help with some all-grain recipes.

    Hi guys, After 5 extract brews I am thinking to go for mini BIAB using the classic 19L pot. I have two recipes in mind, both all grain, that I want to convert to partial-mash. The recipes are, excluding the hops for simplicity: Recipe 1, from Zymurgy, 21L: - 3.6kg Maris Otter pale malt - 454g...