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    Ag Brewers?

    Well, as some of you may know, I am getting closer to my AG days with 80% of my gear setup. The only thing is - I have NO idea what to expect from the beers. I understand they are 100000% better than K+K but I would love to know, rather than just guess (if that makes any sense) Ideally, I...
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    Counterflow Wort Chiller

    Well, here it is. Mad Matt's hombrew CFWC. Made from 4 metres of copper tubing, 4 metres ofhigh temp clear PVC tubing, a couple of elbow joints, some conetite union thingy's and some hose-clamps. Not to mention a masacred garden hose :lol: Getting closer to my AG setup day by day. Oh yeah...
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    Weldless Fittings

    Howdy all. Been following things on here for quite a while. I've managed to source some stainless steel kegs (2 in total) to make a HLT and a boiler. I need to attach taps to these (obviously) and would like to attach a sight glass to them (at least the HLT). Does anyone know where to pickup a...