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  1. mckenry

    Position Vacant

    Hi All, Thought I'd put this up here as there is a wealth of knowledge, but still think it'll be hard to find someone. You don't know if you don't ask though. I'm looking for an apprentice brewer or brewery assistant. Casual position at first which may lead to an apprenticeship for the right...
  2. mckenry

    500L Braumeister for sale

    Hey Guys, As the title says, I have a 500L brau for sale. Less than 2 years old. Comes with extras including the pan on wheels, insulation jacket, some mods for good grain retention when hoisting, stainless screens etc. Great condition and pedantically looked after. Save a fortune on the new...
  3. mckenry

    3 Tap flooded Andale mobile bar

    Hey All, I know there are plenty of DIY'ers out there and plenty of knockers who can 'do it cheaper' but I'm putting up my mobile bar for sale. 3 Tap Andale flooded font mobile bar. Made from blackbutt, inlaid with merbau, surrounded by mini orb, on heavy duty castors. INCLUDES taps. I made...
  4. mckenry

    Position Vacant

    Hey Guys and Girls. Southern Highlands Brewing is opening a Taphouse in Moss Vale NSW. We are looking for bar staff with a great knowledge of craft beer. We will be serving 8 of our own beers on draft, a stout tap plus a hand pump. We'll have seasonals and a guest tap also. The job may lead to...
  5. mckenry

    My old posts

    Hey Guys, Is the search function up the shit? I cant even find a post that asks the question, I'm about to ask, even though I know its been asked!!!!!!!!!! Almost put this in the rant thread, but could be user error.... I want to find a really old post I made and the advice that came...
  6. mckenry

    FS Mashmaster Mini mill & Massive hopper free

    Hey all, Surplus to needs. I have a mashmaster mini mill in great condition. I upgraded one roller to the fluted roller. These are the best homebrew mills on the market. Gear driven and fantastic engineering. New, without a hopper, you're looking at $289 plus postage. I also have a huge hopper...
  7. mckenry

    mckenrys lucky 13 keg sellout

    Hi all, Selling 19L ball lock kegs. 8 pictured but there are 13 in total. All in good nick. Obviously can't give money back guarantee, but can say they are working AOK. There is one which requires the lid to go on in a certain direction but it is marked so you line it up properly. How much...
  8. mckenry

    Different stout diffuser - help me find one

    Hi All, Cant find anything like this on the net. What I have been asked to find is one of these stout diffuser nozzles. It looks to fit a brumby tap, with a male thread. The diffuser is female thread (obiously) with the plate down out of sight in these photos.
  9. mckenry

    3V PID controlled HERMS Stainless brewery for sale. Freebies with it.

    Hi All, I am selling my 3V HERMS. I'm not going to have any free time to brew in the foreseeable future. But thats good news for me, not bad. Still, this is a strange feeling to be getting rid of something that I have used pretty much every fortnight for the last 5 years. So, what I have for...
  10. mckenry

    What is faster?

    There are tons of threads on HEX and HERMS in general, but I have a question that if it has been covered I cant find it. I want to know which of these is the faster method of getting my strik water in the MT up to temp. Equipment. HLT - 50L keg with the 2400w element and HERMS coil in it. I...
  11. mckenry

    mckenrys sellout part 2

    Hi All, Its time to move some stuff that is no longer required. This post and the rest of the stuff in the next post. 1. Stainless Steel hop spider. Bought brand new from here for $35. Used three times and really does its job well. My system doesn't need it and it was just another impulse buy...
  12. mckenry

    Who is on instagram?

    Hi All, Mods - I'm not sure if this is against the rules. A lot of the time I feel like just looking at pics of beery stuff. I know we have quite a few threads dedicated to "Show us..." and "Whats in the glass?" etc. I like the instagram M.O. just for said pics and no real discussion. The...
  13. mckenry

    Brewpubs in India

    Anyone been to India lately? Did you find any brewpubs? Mr. Google returns a few, but mostly marketing / advertisement type. Searching for brewpub and India on a beer forum.... not easy... Either a billion returns or if double quoted, no returns. Hoping someone here has some real experience. I...
  14. mckenry

    Cordless Drill - bigger chuck?

    One for the tradies out there. In fact I asked my carpenter mate on Sunday and he said he'd never heard of it... I have a mashmaster mini mill. I upgraded from my barley crusher. ( :icon_offtopic: its for sale) With my barley crusher I used to run it with my cordless drill or hand crank now and...
  15. mckenry

    Keg Sell out. 9L & 19L

    Hi All, Its time I got real about my keg supply. Its like I've been hording them for some beer apocalypse. Pretty stupid really, when they were empty, just collecting dust. So I've decided to sell a half dozen off. Pickup in Bowral or some days in Glebe, Ryde, Bankstown area of Sydney. If...
  16. mckenry

    Wanted - Fridge

    Hi Brewers. I need a larger fridge than the one I have. Anyone have one they don't want, or want to offload on the super cheap? Possibly a straight swap. Mine is in fantastic condition, its just going to be too small for my new fermenter. Southern Highlands, Sydney, Wollongong, Goulburn are all...
  17. mckenry

    Lord Raglan

    Went here last night. Inside is tastefully renovated, without going over the top with timber and chrome like some do. Large central bar, some slab tables against the wall that sit 8. Rocks beers on tap of course and some others. Enjoyed all they had to offer. After going to the Rocks Brewery...
  18. mckenry

    Specifically Keg King filters

    Hi All, Amazingly there isnt a topic just about these filters, so I am starting one. They've been mentioned in many threads, but not specifically about them. I have a KK filter, which works beautifully except that at first it leaked around those el cheapo fittings. Even with thread tape.... I...
  19. mckenry

    Healthy or violent ferment?

    Hey All, So I've changed up a couple of techniques recently making it hard to point the finger at one thing or another. I've started fermenting in a 50L keg (40L batches) and bought an oxygenation kit from MHB. I also note that I was using yeastcalc before which was calculating incorrectly and...
  20. mckenry

    Occidental Sydney

    Went here last night to have a couple with a mate and ended up staying for a thouuuuusand instead. Good old fashioned pub with a front and back bar. Mix of suits and hi-vis. Usual suspects on tap, and also had a bit of the James Squire range, Coopers Pale, a euro lager which I cant recall now...