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    Lazy Yak - has anyone managed a good imitation?

    I'm not a hopster, but a customer offered me a beer on my last job and it was a Lazy Yak. Mid strength, a real nice bite from the Citra, then lingering wine-like notes from the Nelson Sauvin. A peek on their website says it is bittered with Cascade to 14 IBU, then late additions of Citra and...
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    Great Northern Super Crisp

    I don't get to pubs nearly often enough, but for Dad's 90'th we went to a venue with a decidedly British title and livery, but few beers on tap. I tried one they did have, called Great Northern Super Crisp, and I just can't place the flavour hop. The bittering level was good, though I would...
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    Non-PC, former CAMRA

    Ironically getting back into the more serious side of brewing after picking up a Beer Machine for SFA on Ebay! I know that will get a few groans, but it can actually be a good cheap delivery system for draught - so I can have a guilt-free beer or three at the end of a hot day. Anyway, I am...