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    Jao The Ultimate Beginners Mead Recipe

    I’ve already brewed a few traditional meads, a couple of traditional sand some fruited ones. I thought I’d give this a go and followed the recipe to the letter! Used Lowans instant dried yeast that I nicked from my wife, assuming it might go to around 11 or 12%. I don’t know where it started...
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    14th Century Bouchet / Burnt Honey Mead

    Oh my, the bees really do take an interest in your boiling honey! I just spent a good half hour out at the BBQ boiling up some honey for a Bochet. 1Kg Bochet Wildflower Honey, 0.5Kg Wildflower Honey, some Orange Zest and water to a Gallon. MJ05 yeast and some Yeast Hulls for Nutrient. I...
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    Small batch mead vessels

    Hi Muz, I spent a lot of time pondering this as well. Managed to get a few 4 litre glass wide mouthed jars from Geelong Home Brew that I just drilled a hole in the lids and put a gromet in for the air lock. I wanted wide mouths for later experiments with fruit and berries. My first batch of...
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    Newbie from Melbourne/Geelong

    Hi everyone. Hugh here. New to Brewing. Step son bought me a Mangrove Jacks Ginger Bear kit a couple of years ago for fathers day, and it pretty much didn't get used after that first batch. But earlier this year, I decided to try cider from supermarket brand juice. 7 brews later, I've only...