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  1. DJR

    Pass through 1/2 inch compression fitting

    I've got one of these: They also just sell the inner bulkhead part: this goes on the inside, then a ball valve goes on the...
  2. DJR

    What yeast to bank?

    My point was more general i guess. If you've already got the LA3 then keep going, but maybe try out the verdant at some point for comparison. I expect there to be a bit more research done in the topic of hazy strains to see what else can be used so who knows what everyone's fave hazy strain is...
  3. DJR

    What yeast to bank?

    Yeah, that's true, I don't mind the apricot though! I found normal LA3 a bit underwhelming, but I wasn't underpitching as much as i was with the verdant. Haze amount & stability, biotransformation levels, temperature ranges and pitching rate all seem close enough to me.
  4. DJR

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Have you tried barkeepers' friend? I just found they sell it at the supermarket and does a great job on stainless, bit more elbow grease than the BS remover though
  5. DJR

    What yeast to bank?

    Here's a couple of liquids I just enjoy using and are different enough from what you can get in dry form to make them worth having and culturing: WLP860 / L17 Harvest for lagers WLP644 Sacc Trois for hazies and anything you want to throw lots of pineapple and mango, lower temps also works for...
  6. DJR

    Bravo or Magnum

    Yep MHB I meant Geraniol not linalool, brain and fingers not connected properly, oops. Citra is high in both geraniol and linalool
  7. DJR

    What is an alternative malt for "Coopers Single Origin Ale Malt"?

    The easiest thing to do is just to treat it as any other malt marked as a Pale, Ale, Maris Otter, Pale Ale or 2-row malt. They're all pretty much interchangeable. Well, maris otter is a bit different as it's a low protein heritage variety that has a bigger flavour impact than some other malts...
  8. DJR

    Bravo or Magnum

    Magnum doesn't really work as an aroma hop, we did a big experiment in our club with dry hopping Coors with lots of different hops, Magnum just tasted woody and bitter, not a nice hop flavour. Bravo is considered a bittering hop but it's great as an aroma hop or dry hop as well, particularly...
  9. DJR

    SafAle K-97

    You can top crop k-97 too, there's no shortage of it being a true top cropper. Just get a sanitised spoon and scrape some off the top & store in a sanitised jar for later. Top cropping helps a bit with getting rid of the massive krausen too, just don't take too much of it or else there won't be...
  10. DJR

    Lallemand NEIPA Yeast

    Yep that's my understanding - verdant were serially repitching london ale iii - some way along the line the yeast must have had a mutation that allowed it to be dried successfully. I heard that there was issues trying to get london ale iii itself to dry. I can't imagine it's mutated that much...
  11. DJR

    Blonde Ale with Kveik yeast - which strain is best?

    It's good. In a clean beer it tastes a lot like a cleaner version of Coopers Pale Ale yeast, not a bad thing, but not exactly a crisp lager. You might be able to play around with pH, pitch rates and temp to get something crisper than mine, I think I underpitched a bit by just pitching about 3g...
  12. DJR

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Similar thing on this topic... could you make a version of the carb cap that has a male PCO 1881 thread - so you could put it into the other side on the PCO1881 x PCO1881 ball valve as a standard gas disconnect after you finish dry hopping, e.g. for then transferring. That way you'd never have...
  13. DJR

    Wlp565 Belgian saison.

    Naah, there's nothing wrong with the Dupont yeast at all. I'm not sure why it has a rep for being finicky if you handle it properly and run the ferment on the warm side. A few commercial brewers do an open fermentation with it as anecdotally it's less likely to stall with an open ferment / less...
  14. DJR

    Agrresive fermentation

    I use a blowoff tube rather than an airlock when that happens. Less chance of things like a clogged airlock. just sanitise a piece of pvc hose and then run it into a glass, jar or beaker of water.
  15. DJR

    Help needed - first lager brew.

    If the yeast was a bit old then two packs for a cold pitch might not have been enough. This is a good calculator to work out how much yeast you need: - use something like Pro Brewer 1.5 as the setting. E.g. with that setting...
  16. DJR

    Tropical Pale Ale : Six String Brewing

    haven't had it but.... tropical pale is usually something along the lines of an XPA or hazy pale ale, like a neipa without as many oats but pushed down to sub 4.5% ish, not really covered too much by the style guidelines nowadays except for the ones that Brewers Association makes...
  17. DJR

    Light headedness with home brewed ale

    what was the yeast? It's possible you ended up with lots of fusel alcohol or ethyl acetate in the beer from a high fermentation temperature, which will smell like nail polish remover and can give you a headache
  18. DJR

    German wheat vs. Belgian yeasts: what's the big diff?

    lal abbaye or be-256 will do well if you have the time to get dry yeast but you'd be better off just going straight to wlp530/wlp500/wlp540 or other belgian liquid yeast for a tripel. sure, pitch the wlp300 but you'll probably come out with an underattenuated banana & clove beer, probably not...
  19. DJR

    Anyone brewing Belgian beer ?

    Nothing that complicated really. there's a wide range of belgian style dried yeasts out there now like lallemand abbaye, saf be-256, and then in liquid form there's wlp530/wyeast 3787 (westmalle), wlp500 (chimay) and then yeasts like wlp400 - hoegaarden witbier. One of the simplest recipes is a...
  20. DJR

    Saison fermentation question

    wlp565/ dupont / 3724 takes ages to get through the last part of fermenting. Raising the temperature helps, but probably best to just leave it for a week or two at least until you have a stable gravity. Edit: you're using wlp568 not 565, but that blend probably has it in there anyway. Hopefully...