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  1. chrisluki

    I have a brew professionally. With From Ben's, Ben Miller.

    Thought some of you might be interested in Ben's story, going from home brewer to Pro, as I suspect some of you share his dreams?
  2. chrisluki

    For Sale Brewie B20: Fully Automated Brewing System

    Selling my B20, as my wife tells me that I don't need two Brewies!! Below is a picture of what is included in the box, mine is not brand new, has done maybe 20 brews, but is in excellent condition. I have the original box to ship it to anywhere in Australia (buyers cost), it is approx 40kg and...
  3. chrisluki

    The Beer Healer Interviews - Greg Koch and Sara Tobin from Stone Brewing - Live in Hobart, Tasmania

    Hey guys Thought some of you might be interested in a podcast I did with American Independent Brewing Royalty...Stone Brewing's Greg Koch. Cheers Chris
  4. chrisluki

    Homebrewing Podcast Guest

    Hey guys I started a podcast this week, which is all about telling the stories of people involved in the beer world. I have been working my contacts like crazy and have some great guests lined up...brewers, marketers, hops experts etc. What I don't have yet is someone within the home brewing...
  5. chrisluki

    Brewing DIY Dog DPC with my Brewie+

    I have been wanting to brew one of the BrewDog DIY Dog recipes for a while now, and finally I did. It's the Dead Pony Club, 3.8% WCIPA, so it's a great beer for me to brew for summertime at the shack. It's also an extra special day, double brew day with Brewie!! Any of you guys had experience...
  6. chrisluki

    Summer Mid Strength Recipes

    Hey guys As a family man, trying to teach his kids to be good humans, I am pretty keen to not get blind drunk in front of them, which means I drink a bit of mid strength beer. Being that the good Craft MS's are something like $80 a case, I often find myself with a Gold Can in hand. I have...
  7. chrisluki

    Let's Talk About Wet Hops

    Anyone lucky enough to get their hands on some wet hops this year? Next year, I will brew with them. But for now, Let's talk about Wet Hops!
  8. chrisluki

    Teaching Beer Healer Jr To Bottle

    I was initially a bit hesitant to post this video after I made it. I wasn't sure if there might be a negative reaction to it in terms of me promoting under age drinking...which I don't believe I am. Anyway, I was encouraged to post this by many other brewers who include their kids in their...
  9. chrisluki

    Any Beersmith Experts? I Need Some Help Please?

    Hey guys So i have the new Brewie system and it is a real step up from my old system in many ways, and I have found that there is a gap in my understanding of some techniques within Beersmith. I need some help please to convert some of my old recipes in Beersmith. Basically, in the past i was...
  10. chrisluki

    Help Me Home Brew - Mini Kegging

    I don't really know what I am doing with these mini kegs...can you tell?
  11. chrisluki

    Brewie Automated Brewing Machine: First Brew Video

    Hey guys Completed my first below if you are interested. Cheers Chris Note, that should read do i change the heading?
  12. chrisluki

    Brewie Automated Home Brew Machine Unboxing Video

    Hey guys Quite a few of you asked to see an unboxing video once my Brewie arrived, so here it is. Had a few teething problems with it, but as I type this I am currently brewing my first beer with it! Cheers...
  13. chrisluki

    Settling Down - The End Of Craft Beer Promiscuity!

    So, us craft beer drinkers are notoriously promiscuous...but will we always be that way? I wonder whether the comfort zone for craft beer drinkers needs to be considered in the plans of all these brewries starrting up these days? http://Craft Beer drinkers are notoriously promiscuous...but...
  14. chrisluki

    Beer Chauffeurs Popping Craft Beer Cherries

    Wanna become a Craft beer Chauffeur?
  15. chrisluki

    Hobart Brewing Co's XPA & The Local Scene - Video

    Hey guys Some of you might be interested in this video about the Hobart Brewing Company's latest release onto the mainland, the XPA. Also I give my latest two cents on the local scene, and get a few comments from HBC's brewer, Scott. Keen for feedback on these, let me have it! Cheers Chris...
  16. chrisluki

    Anyone With Links To New Breweries That I Can Help?

    Hey guys I got an email this week form a small brewery asking if I would like to receive a couple of samples to do a video review on, which I was more than happy to do, and it got me thinking. I am a way off being the size of the big guys like Crafty Pint, Oz Brewnews, Ale Of A Time etc, but...
  17. chrisluki

    I Got Called A Beer Snob...WTF?

    Hey guys I didn't take too kindly to being called a beer snob, so I write an article about it after taking a look in the mirror! Cheers Chris
  18. chrisluki

    Flavoured Beer Pods - A Beer Healer Experiment Or the link, of the video doesnt work.
  19. chrisluki

    Brew Day Video - Behind The Scenes @ Batch Brewing Company

    Sitting back at the shack and looking through the videos I recorded during my brew day at Batch Brewing Company. The brewer, Andrew's had some great insights to share about brewing, stepping up from homebrew, and how the brewery give back to the community...check it out...
  20. chrisluki

    Mid Strength Craft Beer - Can You Dig It?

    Hey guys I have been working on this article for a few weeks now. I am pretty passionate about MSCB and wanted to know if others shared my passion. I spoke to quite few brewers and beer marketers in the lead up to this...thanks to all of them for letting me pester them. Are you guys...