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  1. J

    Online Ordering Nz Hops

    They've gone right off retail sales, check It'll direct you to homebrew shops in New Zealand and further down the page to Craftbrewer
  2. J

    Australian Standard Lager

    Well maybe not at AHB Bribie - but I've been brewing my Blande Ale 95% Pils, 2.5% each caramalt & wheat pretty regularly lately. Bittering with Super Alpha and the NZ Hallertau later. Agreed that the BSaaz addition would be great too :beer: cheers, jaytee
  3. J

    Weyermann Liquid Malt Extract

    Maybe Mike bought when the dollar was a lot stronger
  4. J

    Test Running My Ag Setup

    Plenty of room I mash 4.3 kg / 13 litres in a 20 litre container and have room (just) to top up with 5 litres as a mash out The Green Bay calculator reckons just under 16 litres which sounds about right from my experience
  5. J

    Test Running My Ag Setup

    Use the Can I Mash It calculator here for your volumes
  6. J

    Mashing Whole Wheat?

    Sid, good to see that you're still about Take it down to the HBS in the Hutt and put it through the mill there. Might take a couple of passes through. Alternatively, call into Commonsense Organics in Lower Hutt or Full 'O Beans in Naenae for some flaked wheat cheers, jaytee
  7. J

    No Chill Pilsner

    This should help you out
  8. J

    Liquid Yeast And Aussie Hops

    Sure, call or email and ask for a price list, ask for local and imports.
  9. J

    Liquid Yeast And Aussie Hops

    Have you tried calling NZ Hops ?
  10. J


    Dunno why they would .. but there again we end up with enough bad Aussie beers on our shelves too. Shipping swill around the world must make someone a buck eh ?
  11. J

    Best Dry Yeast Supplier? Heard Of Intek?

    You can get Nottingham - usually sold as Girvan Ale yeast here - though God only knows why you'd want to use it ;) Cheers, jaytee
  12. J

    Pet Bottle Storage

    As much as anything it's the quality of beer that you put in the bottle. If it ain't good, it won't taste good out of glass or PET in 6, 9 or 12 months time.
  13. J

    Homebrew Laws

    and I always thought it was sterilise the tin opener :lol:
  14. J

    Auto-easy Syphon

    Oooo I'm not so sure about that - we certainly seem to be tops for hops B) Most things you need are out there - it's just a case of finding them - or improvising, like anywhere else cheers, jaytee
  15. J

    Nz North Island Breweries & Good Beer

    I think that was New World PoMo
  16. J

    Other Uses For Wyeast 2112?

    It's here. I use it for psuedo lagers most of the year and having no real temperature control it's the only way to brew 'em As a result, the results vary with the season cheers, jaytee
  17. J

    Steam Beer.

    I was interested to read that about fermenting the California Common yeast at 10-12oC Barry. My house quaffer is a 90% BB Pale, 10% Munich (and sometimes 1% Carahell) with W2112 I've got no temperature control other than on the concrete floor gets me around a 12-14oC ferment while on the bench...
  18. J


    I reckon so, not bad in an Irish Red, dry stout or porter either. As for Wyeast in NZ, I'd personally go with the indent through realbeer. Good fresh yeast never more than 10 days old from date of manufacture when it arrives on your doorstep. cheers, jaytee
  19. J


    Bottom of page 3 Prices: Activator $24.95 ea., Propigator $16.95 ea.
  20. J


    Yup, catalog available here Good timing as there's an order this week