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  1. mark0

    All grain brewing kit for sale

    Price drop on the keezer, $1000. Make an offer, I need it gone! Sold: Hops 20L urn 1x birko and grain
  2. mark0

    All grain brewing kit for sale

    Hi everyone, I'm having a clean up sof the gear which isn't getting as much use as it should. I'm just not drinking that much beer anymore :chug: All equipment is located in Wangi Wangi, NSW, 2267. Pickup only at this stage. First in, first served. Phone or text 0404305661 email...
  3. mark0

    FS: Keg equipment

    Still Available: 1x Harris CO2 regulator $60 (price drop) Spoken for, waiting for payment: 1x four way gas manifold and in line check valves $50 4x 20L corny keg $50 ea 1x two way gas splitter $10 1x Perlink tap (no flow control) $30 4x tap...
  4. mark0

    FS: Keg equipment

    Update: Still Available: 1x Harris CO2 regulator $80 1x four way gas manifold and in line check valves $50 1x timber collar to suit Westinghouse 320 freezer. $100 Spoken for, waiting for payment: 3x Perlick flow control taps $50ea 1x Perlink tap (no flow...
  5. mark0

    FS: Keg equipment

    Hi guys, just working my way through PMs at the moment. All the gear is in Newcaslte, NSW. Happy to post things. Still Available: 4x beer lines with corny keg liquid connectors $50 for the lot 2x 20L corny keg $50 ea 1x Harris CO2 regulator $80 1x four way gas...
  6. mark0

    FS: Keg equipment

    Hi everyone, A friend of mine has stopped brewing and asked me to sell his equipment. Everything is in working condition, no damage visible from the outside. I can't guarantee the condition of o-rings in the taps, kegs or keg adapters 3x Perlick flow control taps $50ea 1x Perlink tap...
  7. mark0

    Tether: END OF - BIAB

    My experience is that 10-15min is the latest hop addition you can manage with no-chill. I do this by adding hops straight to the empty cube then hot wort is poured over the top. Anything later than 10-15min needs to be by the argon method or dry hopped. I gave up on the argon method for most...
  8. mark0

    2013 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    DU99, looks like it dried out at some stage. I have had my hops looking similar after some hot dry weather, and missing a watering or two.
  9. mark0

    mark0's hop rhizome sale

    All gone, thanks guys! Those with PM's in will get rhizomes.
  10. mark0

    Crown/Birko Urn Brewing With The Lid On

    the only thing to watch (listen for really) is the thermal protection on the concealed element crown. if you try to go from a protein rest to sacch rest with the element you will burn starch onto it, which will trip thermal protection. (so don't try that) Otherwise with the element running the...
  11. mark0

    mark0's hop rhizome sale

    Hi everyone, I am getting ready to move houses and extracted my hops plants from the garden today. I have heaps Cascade and Goldings rhizomes available. Will be packed in moist newspaper and labelled. $10 ea plus postage (500g satachels are $8.45, not to WA or Tas) PM your name, address, and...
  12. mark0

    Wort started fermenting in no-chill cube

    I have only ever had one cube go bad, and that was a very low fill level (like half) from a bad brew day. The low fill and high air content just didn't pasteurise the cube like it should. What was your final volume Dxxxx? I ferment in my cubes, so mine was yeast, just the wrong one! I am still...
  13. mark0

    Best way to Clean and Sanitise Bottles

    Oven works a treat, foil caps too. Easiest method I have used. Put them in the oven cold, and turn on to 200 (oven is slow enough by itself) leave for at least 30min at 200 then kill the oven. Leave the bottles in the oven until they cool. A little bit of moisture in the bottles will also help...
  14. mark0

    Ghetto Brau version for Crown 40l Urn (suggestions for internal bucket

    i also tried the bucket method with pump. Also scrapped and back to the voile sheet. Playing around now with thicker mash + batch sparge to check efficiency differences. BigNath had some success with a recirc system. from memory with a crab cooker insert.
  15. mark0

    Coopers new style fermenter...

    bacteria don't exactly have legs, they get around floating in the air. the glad wrap has enough mojo to stop infections. don't worry, be happy. :)
  16. mark0

    Crown Concealed element boil dry

    avoid using the element before your sacch rest is complete. starch will burn onto the element, you should have a problem with sugar burning on. i had to drain my urn mid-brew clean and continue once. definately can be done without silicon spray!
  17. mark0

    Garden Hose water - is it so bad?

    the hot water unit is a sealed system. you can't concentrate anything in a sealed system. try boiling your wort with the lid on and see how far you get! water with mineral content (ie normal water) goes in, gets heated, sometimes leave minerals in the HWS, then leaves the HWS. Therefore the...
  18. mark0

    Garden Hose water - is it so bad?

    if the minerals deposit in the hot water service, then the minerals aren't in the water anymore? Saving any dissolution of metals, (doubtful given the throughput and average life of these appliances). Water from HWS should be as safe as tap water. Happy to see peer reviewed scientific eveidence...
  19. mark0

    Are cornelius keg disconnects universal?

    pin lock is different to ball lock. your kegs are pin lock, the ebay ones are ball lock. = won't work. :huh: