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  1. Not For Horses

    Some serious christmas chocolates

    Well it's that time of year. One of my traditions at Christmas is making chocolates for my family. I don't do it every year but I try most years. I've done a few of the usuals. Liqueur chocolates, orange chocolate segments and soft centred chocolates. However... This year I decided on a treat...
  2. Not For Horses

    TSHBC 2014 Tas Results

    Over the weekend we held the first state qualifying competition for the AABC national competition that Tassie has ever had. It was the culmination of almost a year of work since the afternoon that Nick (that's BrewTas to you lot) and myself sat in his loungeroom and said "Let's have a state...
  3. Not For Horses

    Sydney Floor Malted Barley EOI

    Hey Sydney brewers Some of you may have read about a little project that I'm getting up and running in Tassie at the moment; A floor maltings for supply to craft brewers and home brewers alike. I started a project on Kickstarter on advice from someone else but I don't really feel that is a very...
  4. Not For Horses

    Not For Horses is launching very soon and we need you!

    Hey guys So a few of you may know that I have been doing spec malts on a small scale as well as malting base malts for a few of the local home brewers in Tassie. Well the time has come for me to kick things up a notch. I am opening a small scale floor malting operation to supply home brewers...
  5. Not For Horses

    Time Frame for Chilling: A Musing.

    Dedicated to Dave70. Thought I'd kick this on off with a few of my thoughts. Note these are just my thoughts and understandings based on things I have read and are not necessarily all facts. I should also point out that my experience with no chill is fairly limited. This discussion should also...
  6. Not For Horses

    Big mash ph adjustment idead

    I've been doing some testing on mashing sorghum malt to try and get to the bottom of poor efficiency. I've done a few small mashes and have found that mash temperature ph is around 4.7. Punching the numbers into Ezy water calculator and trying to adjust with salts gives ppm values well above...
  7. Not For Horses

    Brew Club Launceston

    Hey Launnie brewers In the last few months a few brewers including myself have been getting together with the intent of creating a regular meet up for home brewers in Launceston. Local brew clubs were actually something that Brewtas and I discussed at the end of last year. Looks like we finally...
  8. Not For Horses

    Hobart Beerfest 2013

    Ok guys so who is going to this and what night? My wife and I are I going to be down Friday night if anyone is keen for a catchup.
  9. Not For Horses

    Grodziskie - Polish smoked wheat beer

    Thought this might be an interesting read for a few of you lot.
  10. Not For Horses

    Brown ale with Brett. To keep or not to keep?

    A few weeks ago I went to bottle my current brown ale. I opened the lid to discover some funk on the surface. Bugger. I thought I'd be clever and leave the last few inches in the bucket and bottle the rest and I would somehow keep the funk where it belongs. The 70s. How wrong I was. And not just...
  11. Not For Horses

    Dr Maillard or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the red.

    It occurred to me the other week that most of my beers, particularly the darker ones, seem to share a similar trait: A beautiful deep red hue. Now I know that some beer styles are supposed to have this red colour. Hold a pint of Guinness to the light and marvel at its rosy cheeks. Stand in awe...
  12. Not For Horses

    This guy is taking home brew to a whole new level
  13. Not For Horses

    Bulk Tassie hops anyone?

    I've been talking to HPA who are the main hop grower based in southern Tas. Their minimum quantity is 5kg per variety but its around $31 per KILO inc GST depending on the variety. Seems pretty cheap to me. Is anyone keen to do an order and split some time or is 5kg just too much? We might need a...
  14. Not For Horses

    Malts I'm Producing

    This is a bit of a list of the stuff I've been working on. I know people want pics and stuff but I'll get to that. Promise! Grain Description Colour Wheat Malt...
  15. Not For Horses

    From Tassie With Love

    Hi all I've been reading forums on here for some time now and decided it was time to join. I'm a land surveyor by day and beer lover by night. And by day within reason! I've spent most of my spare time this year malting and brewing with surprisingly good results. Nothing compares to that feeling...