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  1. Fat Bastard

    Sanitisable HEPA Filter Reccomendations?

    I've been using the disposable ones with a reasonable amount of success, but find they go mouldy quickly and need chucking out after a few ferments. I have just trialled a Sterilock airlock, which works fine during the cold crash, but does not flow well enough to leave in place during a gravity...
  2. Fat Bastard

    Bulk Sodium Percarbonate Supplier (Sydney)

    Anyone know of one that will sell me a 25kg sack of it, and possibly a smaller quantity of Sodium Metasilicate? Picked some up in a bulk buy a couple of years ago and I'm down to the bottom of the barrel and need some more. I can't remember who organised the bulk buy last time, but may well run...
  3. Fat Bastard

    Any Vintage HiFi Geeks Here? Difference between a Pot and an L-Pad

    I'm trying to fix a pair of 40 year old RTR180-D floorstanding speakers, They've got a simple crossover with a couple of capacitors and 3 resistors in each side, and a 16ohm wire wound pot. Which is dead. Well, I reckon it's a pot (a dead one), because it has a single wiper arm. L-Pads have a...
  4. Fat Bastard

    Acidulating Dilution Water (Post Ferment)

    Someone want to tell me if I'm on the right track here? I've been experimenting with over gravity brewing for a little while now, with better than expected results. I normally adjust the dilution water to the same profile as the mash/sparge water, but have been using Acidulated malt for pH...
  5. Fat Bastard

    Brewtan B, Any experience?

    I can't find brewbrite at the moment, so I've bit the bullet and bought some Brewtan B. The best advice seems to be 1.5g in the mash and 1.5g at flame out. I haven't used it yet, and remain to be convinced that it'll work as well as a clarifying agent as brewbrite. Anyone used it, and what was...
  6. Fat Bastard

    West Ryde (Sydney) Water. Low pH

    Just a warning. I brewed today and to my horror found I'd missed my mash pH by a fair whack. Was 5.15 when it's normally around 5.3 for this particular recipe. Idiot here didn't measure the water pH before he started did he. And idiot here had too much acid malt in the grist didn't he. And...
  7. Fat Bastard

    Fat Bastard's Taswonican Tour (Part II)

    So, yonks ago, I posted a thread here about touring the bush isle. Anyway, work and stuff got in the way, so I finally booked it 3 years later. I cannot for the life of me find the original thread I posted, so I will start again with it. I'll be arriving on the 30th of March and will be...
  8. Fat Bastard

    WLP-051 Cali V. A Very Smelly Yeast.

    I was warned. Multiple threads on multiple forums said that this was a real stinker. Christ, they're not wrong. 8 days after pitching it's still pumping out sulphurous nasty smells, which fortunately don't come across in the taste. I'd almost say it was infected, but as there is not hint of it...
  9. Fat Bastard

    Funky Yeast Blend for a Hoppy Red Rye Saison?

    I'm working on a hoppy red rye saison recipe at the moment, and the first version is nowhere near as funky as I'd like it. The hops overpower any esters from the 3711 and it tastes like a super dry red IPA, which is not the effect I'm going for. Would like to use something that brings rom...
  10. Fat Bastard

    90l SS Brew Vessel for Sale (Still!)

    Well, my 90l pot is still hanging around, looking for a good home. She's a little battered looking, but does not leak and is undrilled, making it an ideal blank canvas for your very own custom HLT/MLT/Kettle. It's sanitary welded, is rolled at the bottom and has no crevices for bad stuff to...
  11. Fat Bastard

    Glass Door Fridge Users! Tell me Your Experiences Here.

    Ok, so I got me a you beaut glass door fridge to put my fancy conical fermenter in. Looks fantastic, lights up at night so I can tame the yeasts when they're less stroppy etc. But jeez, it's a bit crap. I've never seen it get lower than 1.7o and now that the weather is warming up, she's just...
  12. Fat Bastard

    Culturing Zero Viability Yeast (Derived from Yeastcalc)

    So, a while back I was given a vial of Czech Lager Yeast that was out of date. Yeastcalc reckons it's got zero percent viable cells. Now back in the day when I used to not care about such things and everything got a 2l starter, I managed to culture up similarly out of date yeasts and make them...
  13. Fat Bastard

    Getting Water Salts to Dissolve Properly.

    Look, I might be splitting hairs here, but how does one get their calcium carbonate and sulphate additions to dissolve? Since I've been using the new rig I've noticed that the salt additions to the HLT never seem to dissolve properly and leave a thin film of white stuff on the bottom of the 90l...
  14. Fat Bastard

    Yeast for an Imperial Porter. In Between WLP-002 and WLP-007.

    Well, like it says on the box. Looking for a yeast inbetween WLP-002, which I found didn't attenuate enough and WLP-007 which the NSW comp judges felt was too dry and tannic. Admittedly there was only 1 point between them in the scores, but I'm happy to take suggestions! Cheers, FB
  15. Fat Bastard

    0.22 Micron Water Filters. What Gets Filtered Out?

    So, I have a 0.22 micron Millipore water filter in the appropriate housing. I was going to modify the housing to use as a hop rocket, but I've discovered a supply of the filters and would like to try filtering Sydney water through it for the purposes of brewing with it. I'm led to believe that...
  16. Fat Bastard

    I think I'm Going to Stop Trying to Reculture Yeast

    Honestly, I think it's a waste of time and a pain in the arse. I love the variety afforded by liquid yeasts and plan to continue to use them, but trying to recover and reuse them is a bloody pain. I'm currently trying to precisely target my starter sizes and nearly every time I've tried to...
  17. Fat Bastard

    Fat Bastard's Garage Sale

    Time to clean up the shed to keep the peace. Sensible offers considered. First up is a very fine 20l Jomack urn in perfect working order. I bought this from Woolbrew a few years ago and used it very successfully as a HLT with my first rig. It has a 2400w exposed element with a rheostat and I've...
  18. Fat Bastard

    Any Blacksmiths on Board?

    Mind if I pick your brains? I've just competed a 2200km round trip to pick up a 50 year old (but near new) anvil for Mrs Bastard, who is currently doing the TAFE component of a black smithing apprenticeship. I'd like to make her a small forge, but as there are as many forge designs as there...
  19. Fat Bastard

    WLP-510. What to do?

    I got given a vial of WLP-510 Bastogne Ale yeast. She's a bit out of date, but I reckon I can step it up and get enough to brew with out of it. Anyway, I believe this is the Orval strain. I'm not sure if I want to start mucking around with Brett just yet, and purchase a glass carboy and siphons...
  20. Fat Bastard

    Over Attenuative Yeast.

    following on from this conversation between myself and Mardoo. I was initially convinced that my consistent over attenuation was due to over pitching of a 2l starter wort, however now after reviewing my past reciepes and notes, I'm not so...