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    What happened to Wide Eyed And Legless?

    I come from the “over the bridge” of Grain and Grape customer, going back quite a few years now - and I recall the early iterations of Keg King coming from some kind of cleaning products company morphing into a home brewshop/design/importer. There were always rumours of discontent and nastiness...
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    Hard Road Brewing - Bayswater Vic

    Oscars was a great place - Lein yes I have had a chat with him and very much a wealth of knowledge! He manages spot get some great food trucks/pop ups there the last time - some months ago - he had someone selling polish dumplings which goes great with beer!
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    Nitrogen and CO2 range addition to our catalogue

    I got a co2 bottle swapped for a pure nitrogen bottle the other day - the nitrogen regulator has a type 50 attachment which means no washer is needed unlike the type 30 co2 regulator. As beer gas - good question! As nitrogen is higher pressure I’ve read nitrogen mixes above 50% need a nitro...
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    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Yep - G&G gave me a pump off a shop unit!
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    RAPT Pill

    I’ve found there is a bit of a lag in the Kegland Pills reading correct temperature I’ve always done calibration where the water is at room temp (same temp as the pill itself). So far getting better gravity seatings than the Tilt off a simple calibration (tap water) being patient to get a...
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    Prepare to start paying a LOT more for beer!

    That video has been “spammed” everywhere! Pity is, as such videos normally are, it’s a slow drawn out discussion of mostly everything else but the title…. Good thing is it seems grain prices arn’t rising too much, although transport for overseas grains is expensive so far it’s not flowing...
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    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    I got caught out by that too.
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    Couple of quick questions

    it’s common practice to add dark malts either as a seperate mash (steep) or add them late in the mash; this avoids harsh flavours especially with dark malts that still have their husks (not dehusked). Many say the Carafa malts in this respect avoid the flavours of traditional dark malts...
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    ANHC7 - Melbourne 14—15 October 2022.

    With Beer Week cancelled I suspect ANHC will be quite popular this year.
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    2Rupees, Clayton Vic

    They used to have a Cannulator and canned off the tap - more of a takeaway option but through that worked quite well.
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    Consolidating Hop Inventory

    It’s all about inventory control at the end of the day - most brew software has that built it, but also just as easy in Excel if you update the weight each time you perform a brew.
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    Free Home Delivery

    Very interested in a nitro refill - been doing the Kegland disposables which are great, but for a stout lover expensive. Only redeeming aspect is that I’m only up the road from Kegland so usually get my order fulfilled in under 2 hours! I find carbing with CO2 then switching to nitro for...
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    2Rupees, Clayton Vic

    Really great beer and doing takeaways during lockdown; pretty busy last Friday night just with those pickup up takeaways!
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    Sold Braumeister 20l v2 for sale

    Listed my Braumeister BM20 v2 on Gumtree… and it sold!