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  1. migi

    Opinions Imperial Stout

    Thanks for the feedback guys, finally, I decided not using the smoked malt. I didn't use the cararoma either, and I increased a bit Caramunich. I changed the yeast, I had one pkg of Nottingham yeast at home: All Grain, 9.2% 63% efficiency Batch Volume: 7.8 L Original Gravity: 1.096 Final...
  2. migi

    Opinions Imperial Stout

    That's right, yankinoz. So don't you think that the Caraaroma + Carafa+ Caramunich + Smoked Malt combination will result in a too much sweet beer? I was a bit worried about it. Planning to send it for a brewing competition and I was looking for something with a degree of complexity. And I have...
  3. migi

    Opinions Imperial Stout

    Hi guys, Planning a small brew for this weekend (5L), what do you think about this Imperial Stout recipe? Original Gravity: 1.095 Final Gravity: 1.023 IBU (Tinseth): 85 BU/GU: 0.90 Color: 78 EBC Mash Temperature — 65 °C — 60 min Mash Out — 75 °C — 10 min Malts (2.316 kg) 1.55 kg (66.9%) —...
  4. migi

    VICBREW 2019

    Hey guys, bit late but big thanks to the organizers. It has been my first time in a competition and it has been a great experience, I can´t recommend more. I didn't expect the high quality of the feedback, really useful and encouraging. Hope to help next year! I was also wondering if there were...
  5. migi

    VICBREW 2019

    Hi guys. First time I'm participating in a brew competition. Just curious how the process is. The judges taste and decide the winners during the competition (this weekend) and it's announced the same day? The participants should be there in some moment during the weekend? Not sure if there is a...
  6. migi

    About adding hops to the boiling wort

    Hi guys, Last week I did my first partial mash biab, basically what I did: 1)Normal-mash biab in 11L (19L-pot, ~3Kg of grain) 2)add part of the LME before start to boil 3)Boild&add the hops and 4)Add more LME and water until reach 21L or my target OG (1.062). I made the mistake of expect a 75...
  7. migi

    Yeast starter with wheat DME for a no-wheat beer.

    Hi guys, Probably silly question. I was planning to do a yeast starter for a strong pale ale (Original Gravity: 1.069) but in the last moment I realized I didn't have light DME, only wheat DME so finally I used that one. Now I am waiting a day or two but I am not sure if I can use the starter...
  8. migi

    First BIAB! help with some all-grain recipes.

    Hi guys, After 5 extract brews I am thinking to go for mini BIAB using the classic 19L pot. I have two recipes in mind, both all grain, that I want to convert to partial-mash. The recipes are, excluding the hops for simplicity: Recipe 1, from Zymurgy, 21L: - 3.6kg Maris Otter pale malt - 454g...