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    D'oh, I Must Have Screwed Up

    G'day Guys Onto my 5th brew and I think I have screwed it up and it is infected.. Went for a 2 can trick (got some cans for Free). 2 cans Tooheys Lager, 500g light malt, 250g dried corn syrup. I chucked it into a second fermenter after 3 days and everything looked fine. Due to lack of fridge...
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    Not Bubbling

    HELP!! I put a brew on last tuesday (19/4) I haven't seen the airlock bubble at all. It is a new fermenter so I'm worried air might be getting in somehow (I have checked the lid and everything looks OK). I didn't take an initial reading but on the Fri (22/04) it was 1018. I took one last night...